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Brian Keene That's a great question! I don't know if I can pick one, but I'll give you my top 5, in order of preference:

1. Jack's Magic Beans
2. The Complex
3. Earthworm Gods
4. Dead Sea
5. The Fall (forthcoming)
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Brian Keene More of a callback to the first LOST LEVEL novel, and a reference to the old adage that so many cultures seem to share -- in that one of your socks disappears when you put a pair in the dryer.
Brian Keene Not intentionally, but maybe subconciously (as Faith No More is one of my top three favorite bands of all-time).
Brian Keene Well, the mercenary answer is -- it's my job. It's how I pay the bills and feed my kids. And doing those things are an inspiration, of sorts. But... it's also a job that I dearly love. I'm an artist, and in a world where artists get shit on and screwed more and more and more, I'm lucky enough to make art for a living. I'm lucky enough to get paid to create and entertain people. And that is inspiration enough right there.
Brian Keene I'm a big fan of Machen. Not so much Le Fanu (although I acknowledge played a crucial role in the genre's history). I'm also a big fan of Blackwood, Dunsany, and especially Hodgson. THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND and THE BOATS OF THE GLENN CARRIG were as influential on me as King, Laymon, and the Splatterpunks.
Brian Keene Absolutely, but not just that particular myth cycle. The idea behind my mythos (being revealed right now in the serialized Patreon novel) is that all of those old myths and legends, all of our collective folklore and the various religions -- all spring from the same primal source. But yeah, Tiamat and that creation story certainly played a big influence. (That cycle also supposedly influenced Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the creation of Galactus).
Brian Keene My personal faves are THE GIRL ON THE GLIDER, DARK HOLLOW, THE COMPLEX, and DEAD SEA.
Brian Keene As with any genre, you have to write toward the goal. The goal of horror as a genre is to make the reader feel dread or terror or at the very least, a good jump scare. So you have to write with that goal in mind.
Brian Keene Yes to both! I just finished the first draft of RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL. That will be out later this year. And Steven Shrewsbury has several Rogan novels he wrote by himself (already available) but in addition to that, we're working on a direct follow up to KING OF THE BASTARDS.
Brian Keene Oh, I've probably been to over 200 of them. They are just like any other fan expo. Think Comic Con but for horror fans. As with any such endeavor, it all depends on the organizers. Some that I've attended have been amazing. Others have been amazingly bad. ;-)
Brian Keene Human beings have been telling scary stories to each other since primitive man drew pictographs on cave walls. I think they help us confront our fears and uncertainties in a safe way.

And in modern times, I think that's magnified. As I said in a recent Huffington post interview, "Look outside your window. Pedophiles steal children and hide them in closets like perverse Christmas presents. Maniacs fly airplanes into buildings. Extremists butcher and slaughter others for their religion, race, or sexual persuasion. Law enforcement has become militarized against the populace they used to protect. Our governments have figured out they can get away with anything if they keep us distracted with the bullshit Left-Right paradigm, and reruns of Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars, and funny cat memes.

The world is horrifying. I think the horror genre's popularity right now is because people would rather curl up with a nice, safe make-believe monster. Zombies, vampires -- these old tropes are a comfort compared to ISIS or some nut with a gun."
Brian Keene Nope, I (and almost all other authors) will autograph books for free. So if you bring books from home, no worries. We'll be happy to sign them.

In addition to that, we usually have books for sale, as well. While there may be a charge to buy one of those books, there's no charge to sign them.
Brian Keene Not yet, because the truth is, I'm still writing it. With J.F. Gonzalez's passing, I've gotten behind on my own work because for many months I was sorting through his literary estate. But I'm back to my stuff now, and this one is on deck. I should have it finished by the end of the year, so I'd look for an early 2016 release.
Brian Keene Jesus knew I was a fan of the original novel, and we were friends, so when he got the idea for the sequel, he asked if I'd like to take Mark's place (as Mark had passed a few years before).
Brian Keene Well, it's tricky. As I mentioned at length on my podcast, Terminal was a commercial failure, so for a long time, publishers kept pushing me to stick with horror (where my sales were better). But my novel Kill Whitey is in the same vein as Terminal, and my forthcoming novel Pressure is more of a thriller than a horror novel, so I guess the answer would be... I delve, on occasion. ;-)
Brian Keene Well, the story collections like Unhappy Endings and Fear of Gravity will stay out of print only because the stories contained therein are all being reprinted in the Complete Short Fiction series (vol 1 of which is Blood on the Page, available now).

As for the non-fiction books -- I don't know yet. There's not much of a demand for them. I might do a "Best of" at some point.

Northwest: I'll be signing in Portland, OR in November (don't have the date yet).

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