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“Wow, loads of questions here! I answered a batch and will be back after I get back in June from vacation. Thank you for all your support and pre-orders, it means so much <3” Felicia Day

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Felicia Day I'm taking the month of December off to figure out my next steps. A lot of projects fell through right after book tour, and honestly I'm struggling with some depression lately to get motivated, so drawing the line to take care of myself is my first step to creating something new in the right state of mind!

Self-care is hard, especially when there are so many awesome fans out there waiting for new stuff. I hear you! It will just take some time :)
Felicia Day I just read an amazing HORROR fantasy called "The Library at Mount Char." Just skin crawling and VERY violent and not for kids, but so eerie I couldn't put it down.
Felicia Day It feels amazing, I'm a finalist right now, please vote if you can to help me get over the top!
Felicia Day I feel this a lot too. A lot of the time we don't think creating for OURSELVES is important enough to justify taking time out, so external validation is what drives us to make things. That is a terrible trap to fight against.

Sometimes when I'm really having a hard time, I think, "I'm deliberately going to sit down and create the WORST STUFF EVER. No one will see it, it's just for me, instead of an hour of TV. Here's some absolutely garbage, me!" It's kind of freeing, like innocuous vandalism, haha. Anyway, deliberately NOT trying to please other people helps me get over that hump. Good luck, creating is for your soul, and it's important. You are the only one of you, better express yourself while you're not dead.
Felicia Day I would love to write another web series (or TV show) with me in an acting role, that's my 2016 goal! Who knows if it will happen in Hollywood, but I'll attack the task with pluck, for sure! :)

As for another book, I'd love to write another one, not about me. I would need to go off the grid for 5 years just to do enough interesting things to mine for another book on THAT subject, haha, but a fiction book is WAY up on my list to write in the next few years. I loved the control of being 100% in charge, and sitting down to a blank page and MAKING myself spend time trying to amuse an audience. It was lovely and I can't wait to get time to do it again!
Felicia Day I was able to dig my heels in and just say, "My time is MINE for a while" because it's easy to try to peel off creative time and let it go the minute someone else needs it from you.

What i did, secretly, is invented a writing partner named Janet, and put her in my calendar as "Janet writing session." So whenever someone asked me if I could do something for them that day, I'd say, "Sorry, Janet is coming over to write with me." Is that creepy or cool? Who knows.
Felicia Day Great question! I wrote my book because I did a lot of speeches around the world about my journey and in my presentations people laughed a lot, and that showed me that you can talk about darker things like perfectionism, depression and anxiety disorders, and still relay it in a way that is humorous and relatable. Humor brings us together, you can't really laugh with an enemy, can you? Unless it's a "muhahaha" thing and then...well that's just cliched.
Felicia Day I would love to write another book. Maybe not non-fiction, would love to dive into the fantasy or sci-fi world as an author!
Felicia Day Finishing something and bragging about it, ha!
Felicia Day It is very hard. I talk about it in the book, actually. The best thing you can do is shut out the negative voices by smothering yourself in the positive. Not in a bubble, mind you, but of support and love. You cannot create unless you have joy in your life. Negativity quashes joy.
Felicia Day What a great question! Writing a memoir is amazing therapy, I know myself much better having spent over a year putting my life in perspective for other people to learn from my journey. If I could do anything again it would be to journal more regularly to be able to remember even more fun things about my life. I am still not doing that, come to think of it, haha.
Felicia Day We just announced a UK and Australia deal, looking for translation opportunities now!
Felicia Day Cubby passed away last month, and I am so happy to say he does make an appearance. A nice memorial to be sure.
Felicia Day I don't really, and that's bad because it's hard to come up with NEW creative ideas unless you allow boredom to seep in. I'm working on it though :) Going to Europe for three weeks today, hopefully I come recharged!
Felicia Day A lot of people invited me to speak across the country about my journey, making digital content, being prominent in gaming as a woman, and I thought writing a book would compile all those podcast interviews and speeches in one nice area.
Felicia Day I love it! I think if I were more disciplined about using it I would be much fitter :) I find doing rote tasks is amazing on it, creative stuff is a bit tougher as the walking occupies your mind

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