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Lauren Baratz-Logsted I certainly hope so! But that's up to the publisher. So here's hoping that enough readers like you enjoy the book sufficiently to make this happen - thanks for the question, Kris!
Lauren Baratz-Logsted A shy, book-loving person is the only person left on Earth. As he eagerly climbs the steps of the biggest library in the world, he trips, breaking his glasses. (Oh, wait, The Twilight Zone already did this one. But can you imagine a bigger nightmare for a book-lover?)
Lauren Baratz-Logsted When I first saw this question, I thought, 'There are no mysteries in my life. What could one be - Why is the cat so fluffy?' Which, come to think of it, *is* a mystery, plus it could make a cute children's book. But then I remembered something:

My paternal grandparents were from the Ukraine. In 1921, my grandfather smuggled my grandmother - then pregnant with my father - and her sister out of the country in the back of a hay cart in order to avoid religious persecution. He had three brothers and sisters who were all killed. After he died, a postcard-like picture came into my possession. Sepia-toned, it depicts his three brothers in Cossack clothing (the leather boots are stunning), on the back of which is a handwritten message in gorgeous script. The mystery is that I've never been able to get it translated! Even when, around the turn of the millennium, a Ukrainian family moved in next door; the Ukrainian woman next door knew a languages professor at a local university and he couldn't help either. So the mystery remains: What does the message say??? Could it be: "The gold is buried in --"? Or something even more intriguing? Or maybe it's just "Don't forget we need more chickens"? I think now that I will never know, but I suspect there could be the basis of a good mystery novel there: a then-and-now story along the lines of Arturo Perez-Reverte's The Flanders Panel. (OK, since I'd be writing it instead of Arturo Perez-Reverte, it wouldn't be as good, but still.)
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Dear Jennifer, I'm *thrilled* you love the Jane Taylor series! However, outside of the two novels and the collection of short stories, Jane's World, there are no further books scheduled in it at this time. But the good news is that I've written many other books! The strongest comedies, outside of the JT books, are The Bromagnet and the sequel, Isn't It Bromantic? You also might get a kick out of Falling For Prince Charles - very quirky - and this fall, I have a new novel coming out for adults called The Other Brother. Beyond those, there are many others, so I hope you'll give one or more a try and, if you do, I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for writing, Jennifer, and reading!
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Mary, thanks for your interest - I'm *thrilled* the book engaged you enough that you would like a sequel! Sadly, that depends on the publisher wanting me to write one and they have no plans for that at this time. I have, however, written many other books, some of which I hope you will enjoy. Regarding that pregnancy: I picture her, having made many mistakes in life (as have all of us), going on to have that baby and learning from those mistakes, trying to be the best mother she can. I imagine she'd still make mistakes (as do we all) but that she'd do her best. And of course, when her daughter is old enough, she'd give her a complete collection of Nancy Drew books. :) Thanks again!
Lauren Baratz-Logsted I'm sorry but I do not have any ARCs to give out. Perhaps you could ask your local library to order the book for you. Cheers!
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Since I only have a brother, I've always been intrigued by sisters. So I decided to explore that in The Sisters Club - a contemporary adult novel - which is about the families we're born into v. the families we create for ourselves.
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Writing is on hold for the next few weeks while I do promotion for The Sisters Club, a contemporary novel for adults which is due out on August 18.
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Once I get a concept I'm excited about, it's not hard to get inspired! I tend to start writing early in the morning...before fear and self-doubt have a chance to creep in.
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Read, read, read - read everything you can get your hands on because you can't be a good writer without beig a great reader first - and always remember: the only one who can ever really take you out of the game is you.
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Writing! Getting to explore ideas and themes that interest me - I love it. A close second: The fan mail I get for The Sisters 8 series for young readers.
Lauren Baratz-Logsted If I'm dragging my feet about writing a particular section, I either 1) work on a different piece of writing that day or 2) jump ahead to a scene in the book that i am excited to write. I always return to the trouble section feeling refreshed.

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