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Timothy Ferriss Do an 80/20 analysis of your current customer base. See The 4-Hour Workweek for tons of details on this. Otherwise, read "1,000 True Fans" by Kevin Kelly, a short article.
Timothy Ferriss The guy I love is the big dreamer who asks "What's the worst that could happen?" with a smile. The guy I hate is the one who holds onto grudges and fights imaginary arguments in his head. The latter is a huge waste of time and energy, methinks :)
Timothy Ferriss Not a problem. Of course, consult with your medical professional, but you can make the Slow-Carb Diet work even if you don't eat food within 30 min of waking. Just make it work for your schedule. It should still produce results.
Timothy Ferriss Good question. On some level, my drive comes *from* my stoic leanings! Read "On The Shortness of Life" by Seneca, which you can find on my blog with commentary.

I want to help and impact as many people as possible. It's not something I have to do for income; it's something I genuinely want to do. I always thought I would be a teacher.

Time is fleeting and you can die anytime. Life is fragile.

My drive is to make the most of the little time we have on this planet. If it were primarily financial, I would have chosen other paths (e.g. banking).

Hope that helps!

Timothy Ferriss 45 min of study to 15 min of rest/nap. Take plenty of breaks, consider drinking yerba mate tea, and learn the basics of "encoding"/mnemonics (e.g. acronyms, acrostics, the LinkWord method for languages, etc.). Good luck!
Timothy Ferriss One of my heroes: Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. Look him up. Incredible human being worthy of emulation.
Timothy Ferriss Search "Soylent" on I have a long post on it. Soylent doesn't impact my recommendations in The 4-Hour Body in any way, but I could be missing something.
Timothy Ferriss Right now, I'm mostly focused on self care in a primitive sense. Getting into nature and out of my head. Walking barefoot and eating with my hand every so often. Sounds funny, perhaps, but it's a return to the non-virtual, non-digital basics. Hugely impactful for me.
Timothy Ferriss Check out the DiSSS framework in The 4-Hour Chef. Ought to do the trick! Just read the "META" section on how I approach such skills.
Timothy Ferriss I think humans respond to incentives, and good gamification can work wonders. I'm involved with, which is doing some *really* cool stuff related to customizing content for students. I hope more tackle the gamification of education!
Timothy Ferriss I focus on:

1) 80/20 analysis and re-clarifying priorities, and...
2) Getting out of my head and into my body. Movement, nature, even simply long walks, which are a favorite.

I think a lot of our misery is simply an animalistic anxiety from too much sitting.

Hope that helps!
Timothy Ferriss I've been doing it 10+ years, and tens of thousands of people follow it. I'd simply ask your friends "What evidence do you have that it won't work?" They won't be able to provide any. Meanwhile, I do have evidence that it works.

Here's data from 2,000+ people:

Since then we've gathered data from 10,000+ people on different diets, including the Slow-Carb Diet and even randomized diet assignment.

It works, and you don't have to trust me -- trust the data and trust the results.

Keep up the good fight!

Timothy Ferriss I cycle off of all supplements (or a given supplement) every 4-8 weeks, typically. It's hard to know all of the negative-feedback loops in the a biological system as complex as the human body, so better safe than sorry, IMHO.
Timothy Ferriss See my sidebars on becoming an expert (and perceived as one) in The 4-Hour Workweek. Best place to start.
Timothy Ferriss If you feel like you can't *not* tell it. If you *have* to share it with friends over drinks and they get excited (or laugh hard) and ask a ton of questions.
Timothy Ferriss

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