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“Greetings to our readers! I'll be answering questions about our new book, CRIMSON SHORE, on an eccentric and unpredictable schedule, so ask away!

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Douglas Preston Write every day, seven days a week, for a fixed period of time--and make sure your loved ones and others don't interrupt you.
Douglas Preston As a kid I loved Superman.
Douglas Preston It is. The story is told in The Ice Limit, a book we published about 12 years ago. Our next Gideon novel, Beyond the Ice Limit, is the sequel to that book.
Douglas Preston Around 10th grade I started to think about writing, but it wasn't until I was in my twenties that I embarked on a serious writing career. I once wanted to be an artist, too, but realized I didn't have the talent.
Douglas Preston Thank you Kathy. Pendergast is a real person to us, more real in some ways than actual people we know. To me he looks like the young Christopher Walken. Walken is too old now but Benedict Cumberpatch might make a good Pendergast, if he can handle the New Orleans accent.
Douglas Preston Sorry for the belated answer. All our books, except for two short stories, are in printed editions. You may be referring to books put out under the fake name "Preston Child" in an attempt to deceive our readers into thinking they are books by us. Apparently this is a problem many bestselling authors are having with Amazon's self-publishing program--fake authors trying to pass of their work as being by "Stephen King" etc.
Douglas Preston Every writer has a different way of working. Linc and I describe on our website how we typically work together. We do encounter writers' block but the key to that is simply to work through it without ceasing. My main advice to you is to block out a time period every day (7 days a week), shut down your phone etc., tell your loved ones to leave you alone, and write.
Douglas Preston The short answer is no. The truth is, neither Linc nor I remember where that name came from. The creation of Pendergast happened so quickly that we don't remember all that much about how it happened or which one of us was responsible for what.
Douglas Preston Pendergast is 100 percent original, although there are bits and pieces of both real and fictional characters that went into creating him. It's hard for us to tease out exactly which pieces, because he's become such a real person to us that we don't really view him as having been created by us.
Douglas Preston Tom Rob Smith, Lee Child, Nelson DeMille, Dennis Lehane, James Rollins, Michael Connolly.
Douglas Preston Why one book is less popular than another is always a difficult and complicated question. Linc and I strive to make each book as good as we can, but with a creative endeavor, sometimes to get everything just right, and sometimes, despite all the effort and energy in the world, it doesn't quite work. We write what we like. If we were to worry about readers' reactions we would go crazy. If you've seen the Amazon reviews, you'll note that what one reader loves another reader hates.

Douglas Preston I do both. I sketch out the plot ahead of time and I always know how the novel will end, but at the same time I tweak and enlarge and elaborate as I go along. Sometimes I'll change everything, or a character will hijack the story and take it in a different and surprising direction.
Douglas Preston My apologies for the late answer -- I've been on a book tour. I read negative reviews with interest and sometimes amusement. Some negative reviews make good points, and I take them to heart. I like getting feedback from readers and reviewers, even if it is negative. Other reviews are more a public monument to the reviewer's ignorance, illiteracy, stupidity, and rotten taste. Those I find amusing and sometimes even post them on my website. Check out the "Rogue's Gallery" at
Douglas Preston I think the way the book is advertised or presented does hint at a more RELIC like situation with Dorothy, which is not the case. I'd like to think the novel's exploration of AI was more nuanced than that and went deeper. It is still a thriller but the monsters are very human...

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