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Michael Connelly Most likely but I don't plan my books out too far in advance.
Michael Connelly He already has. He is retired and worked as an investigator for his half-brother, Mickey Haller, in the last book, The Crossing, He will be working as a P.I. in the next book--The Wrong Side Of Goodbye.
Michael Connelly The main reason I chose that name is that when I approached the creation of this character I didn’t want to waste anything. I wanted all aspects of his character to be meaningful, if possible. This, of course, would include his name. I briefly studied the work of the real Hieronymus Bosch while in college. He was a 15th century painter who created richly detailed landscapes of debauchery and violence and human defilement. There is a “world gone mad” feel to many of his works, including one called Hell — of which a print hangs on the wall over the computer where I write. I thought this would be the perfect name for my character because I saw the metaphoric possibilities of juxtaposing contemporary Los Angeles with some of the Bosch paintings. In other words, I was planning to cast my Bosch adrift in a hellish landscape of present-day Los Angeles. I should point out that this is a fictional conceit. I do not consider Los Angeles to be hellish. It can be in certain places and under certain circumstances — and this is where I place Harry Bosch. But overall I love Los Angeles and love writing about it. In naming my character after a real historic figure I was to a small extent continuing literary tradition. Many writers, including Raymond Chandler, drew the names of their characters from literature and art.
Michael Connelly To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Michael Connelly That was never written about in a book. It is Mickey's backstory--what happened in between the last two books.
Michael Connelly Season 2 launches on March 11, 2016.
Michael Connelly The most recent book because I hope I am getting better as a writer each time out.
Michael Connelly Thanks for that compliment. It may be “engaging and extraordinary” in the pages of a book but it is not very visual, is closed in and it could happen anyplace. We wanted to establish Los Angeles as a character at the same time we established Bosch. So from the first seconds of the show we show Harry against the backdrop of his city and carry him through the Los Angeles night and show the viewers the parameters of the show.
Michael Connelly I really have been able to keep them separate. I think this is because the Harry in the show is 15 years younger than the Harry I am currently writing about in the books. So its quite different and that has helped keep a wall between them.
Michael Connelly I should first say this has been a lot of fun adapting these books to the screen. So when I talk about difficulties, they need to be put in perspective. It is hard to write scripts where you can never say what is going on inside a character’s head. That is the difficulty. I think readers who love Harry love him because of the way he thinks. Well, on the show, we can’t tell you how he thinks. We can only reveal him through what he says and does. Action and dialogue. So coming to this from the book world, I feel like I am missing a very big tool; interior dialogue. How Harry thinks, how he views the world, how he makes decisions. I had to leave all of that behind to work on this show. As far as characters go, that will be dictated by how successful the show is. The more seasons we get, the more episodes we get and the more of the characters from the books will turn up.
Michael Connelly Season two is about to be streamed on March 11, 2016. It is based on Trunk Music, The Drop and The Last Coyote.
Michael Connelly We are taking books that are in some cases twenty years old and adapting them to a contemporary Los Angeles. This means there will be lots of changes. But where we are unfalteringly loyal is to the character of Harry Bosch.
Michael Connelly

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