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Firebug (Firebug, #1) Firebug by Lish McBride
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“Don’t you think it’s a bad sign that your best argument for your beau is that nothing has been proved in court?”
Lish McBride, Firebug
“But nowhere in the file had anyone said, “Oh, and by the way, he runs like a gazelle with an espresso addiction.” At least not in the parts I’d skimmed.”
Lish McBride, Firebug
“Aves hasn’t mentioned a boyfriend,” Lock chimed in, “and we’re just dying to hear all about you.” Liar. My friends were filthy lying sadists.”
Lish McBride, Firebug
“There’d been some nights when my fat ass had saved my ass (ba-dum-tsh).”
Lish McBride, Firebug