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Bilgewater Bilgewater by Jane Gardam
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“The astounding thing about Paula is that she looks like Tess of the D´Urbervilles, and she sounds like Tess of the D´Urbervilles, and she thinks like Tess of the D´Urbervilles and yet she is so different from Tess of the D´Urbervilles. I expect she comes from a different part of Dorset.”
Jane Gardam, Bilgewater
“He has not the faintest idea that I am ugly and we are very happy together.”
Jane Gardam, Bilgewater
“I was seeing something I didn’t understand and did not want to.

No I wasn’t. I was seeing something I had always understood and wanted to understand better.”
Jane Gardam, Bilgewater
“Christianity is supposed to be all about love but it’s utterly useless when you’re in love.”
Jane Gardam, Bilgewater
“I was quite enchanted with myself. I had always thought I had very strong views on sexual morality. I found I had nothing of the kind.”
Jane Gardam, Bilgewater