2014 Reading Challenge
Participants 656,658
Books Pledged 33,999,212
Avg. Books Pledged 51
Time Left 0 days, 0 hours
Brett has read 10 of 24 books in 2014.
  • The Lessons of History by Will Durant
  • Politics and Exegesis by Gerard E. Caspary
  • Way of the Animal Powers, Part 1 by Joseph Campbell
  • Thomas Jefferson by Jon Meacham
  • The Dawn of Belief by D. Bruce Dickson
  • Society in Prehistory by Tim Megarry
  • Blueprints by Maitland Armstrong Edey
  • Pandora's Seed by Spencer Wells
  • The Spirit of American Government by James Allen Smith
  • Muslims And Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy
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  • Ultima
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  • Quintessence: Basic Readings from the Philosophy of W.V. Quine
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