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tad and jesse and suse

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah tad and sus have there first kiss it satrted as a goodnight kiss then ended up as a french so when she saw someone in the backseat (it was jesse)he said oo dont stop on my aacunt she moved a way and screamed she flew out of the car and jesse behind her then he was like why did u let him go forward and she was like non of ur buissness she told him that it was justa goodnight kiss then he said i know a goodnight kiss is like and they keep theer toughhs to ther selfs they were so mad at each other that they ended to be face to face but eventually they didnt kiss (to bad) then one night they were havinng an srrgument that she was boring and he telling she was not then he took her chin (the same why tad did) then they were just about to kiss suddnley a gost apperd screaming who rewend the mood so then jesse didnt kiss her and accted like he never wanted to then a few days after (many things happend) tad called her and told her he was movinf to san frnsisco and she was like i will miss he he was like i will miss u to and jesse culdednnt hide his simle when suse told him he was moving until his father gets better.

Catarina Oh boy, I love jesse aka Hector Silva. He's perfect and HOT

Jennifer I love Jesse!

Catarina I was so sad when the series endend. I want more books !

Syeda jesse is the best.....!!!!

chinami Syeda wrote: "jesse is the best.....!!!!"

i second that :P

Syeda Tessa wrote: "isnt it funny how we find ourselves falling in love with the heroic or lead male roles in books?"

you got tht right..:P

Syeda yeah i read it....its amazing and i cant wait for the 5th book to come out so i can read it......:)

Ellie I'm slightly obsesse with Jesse... <3 SO HOT!

message 10: by Princess (new) - added it

Princess Merra I cant wait to read another story that can beat this
The Mediator story!!!!!

message 11: by Princess (new) - added it

Princess Merra I love reading books!!!
I can't wait for the 5th book to come out
so I can read it....
sana nandiyan pa rin si Jesse

Faith Miss Tenacity [Mrs. Noah Shaw] wrote: "SHE'S MAKING A SEVENTH MEDIATOR BOOK!"


Faith Miss Tenacity [Mrs. Noah Shaw] wrote: "I fell for a ghost XDD"


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Kayla Gray what happens in books 4 and 5? I don't have them! I just have books 1,2,3, and 6

chinami Miss Tenacity [Mrs. Noah Shaw] wrote: "SHE'S MAKING A SEVENTH MEDIATOR BOOK!"

OMG, you are not serious are you? i cant believe it. i am in heaven. oh wait i am in Jesse's arms again. yay yay
cant wait!

Maryclare Fawver Jesse is awesome. Hot with a accent, what more can a girl ask for?????

message 17: by Akza (new) - rated it 4 stars

Akza Sam I love Jesse. Jesse is COOL. i just finished reading the second book of the mediator series. I am seriously looking forward to read more....

message 18: by Ali (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ali Harper Oh how I miss the mediator series! i think Jesse was my first ever crush on a fictional character! I read the books at age 12 or 13 now I'm 20 and I still get slightly giddy when I see the mediator book covers! I heard there's going to be a new book but I don't know if that was just a rumour or my fantasies slipping in to my confused fuddled up reality!

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