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message 1: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 79 comments Mod
Please share anything you'd like about language. It can be about grammar, something funny, something irksome, whatever you'd like.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
Okay, Dallas...when did "I seen this..." become acceptable grammar? I hear it at work all day and (gasp) said it once last week. Is that a hint that I need to find another job?

message 3: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 79 comments Mod
I've heard that as well. I've even heard the variation of "I seent this". Sometimes I say things like this, but I keep my Appalachian expressions to a minimum in professional settings.

message 4: by Rhonda (last edited Jan 21, 2009 01:36PM) (new)

Rhonda (rhondak) Very often we excuse bad English through culture. "Where you at?" and "He be here," is abominable English and if someone has been through the rudiments of grammar through the third grade, he or she should know better. Frankly, I am tired of political correctness and we ought to insist that people learn to a standard. Fat chance, eh?
I am also bothered by the "dumbing down" of English by changing the rules of possessives. Are people really so soft-minded that they cannot remember that you don't add an apostrophe and an s to words which end in s? Oh gee! Now we do!!
Certain incorrect plurals of words, such as matix or index have also crept in, the proper plurals of which are matrices and indices. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
After graduate school, I went to work where I was around some manual type of trade where it was common for me to hear double negatives, which at the time, were like fingernails on a chalkboard. "I ain't got no hammah!' and the like would literally make me cringe in disgust. I have gotten better now and only shake my head sadly in the perpetrator's direction. One day I suppose I will be popped for doing such, but it will be a worthy end. "Whuffo you be lookin' like dat?" Give me a break please!

message 5: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 79 comments Mod
I'm a stickler for grammar as well, but standardized English is not superior to other variations. Certain dialects are preserved for the sake of unification, which is not a bad thing for marginalized cultures.

Bidialectalism, the ability to speak two different dialects, is the route to go in my opinion. While standardized English works best for writing and professional situations, I'm not drawn to it for color.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm a hater of aint and using is instead of are, or vis versa.

message 7: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 79 comments Mod
What are some of your favorite words? Why are they your favorite? For example, I like the way the word "shampoo" sounds. Randomly, I like the word "tacky" because of its bluntness.

message 8: by Yui (new)

Yui (ilovegrendel) i like saying "imaginary managery"

message 9: by Yui (new)

Yui (ilovegrendel) i learned that word at the art museum on a field trip

message 10: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 79 comments Mod
tough to say! I like it.

message 11: by Mike (new)

Mike I love "scintillating". To sparkle with bright light. It is a romantic word. Something I would say to somebody special.

I find the use of "nor" to be odd.
It's the way that They make a negative form of "or" by tacking on a n to it. There's an awkward feeling that arises when the word appears in conversation.

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