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feature requests > Is there a 'Recommendations' API?

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message 1: by Grunthos (new)

Grunthos | 60 comments I love the feature; just wondering if I can get my 'Recommendations' via an API?

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan (drekshan) I'm glad you like the feature :)

However, we don't have an api for recommendations at this time.

message 3: by Viswanath (new)

Viswanath (viswanathr) | 29 comments Will this be available anytime in the future?

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) Perhaps.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) Don't expect it soon.

message 6: by Cici (new)

Cici | 5 comments Wondering if there is an update on the timeline for this feature.


message 7: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini Hi Cici, this is very unlikely to happen at this point. Sorry!

message 8: by Aseem (new)

Aseem Bansal (anshbansal) | 3 comments How about now?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi Aseem,

Unfortunately we don't have any current plans to do this. We'll update this forum post if that ever changes.

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