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Brian (herkamur) | 24 comments First, the descriptions in Tigana are excellent. Quite often when I read books I tend not to visualise characters but I find myself picturing many of Kay's.

That said, though, I cannot help but to see Vencel as Jabba the Hut. Then I wound up seeing Dianora as Princess Leia.

Brian (herkamur) | 24 comments Well, if he did fall down, he'd need Life Call.

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Jay A. Yap (yaplaugh) | 5 comments I actually pictured Dom Deluise sitting on his cushion as Ceasar in "History of the World". "Treasure Bath! Treasure Bath!"

Brian (herkamur) | 24 comments Haha! That works too.

Kristen (kgreene978) | 5 comments I had issues not picturing Jabba the Hut for Vencel -- I kept trying to move my mind to a different image, but it wasn't working.

Brian (herkamur) | 24 comments Oh, good. I'm not the only one.

Unless I planted the idea into your head in which case I sincerely apologise.

Kristen (kgreene978) | 5 comments No need to apologize, it was all my own mind that did it, and I am rather relieved that I'm not the only one, too!

Javier Quintana (javier_quintana) | 43 comments I pictured him as Haroun El Poussah (though lying in his bed, surrounded by pillows, not standing like in the article image).

thecmancan | 9 comments Like a pale, less scaly Jabba the Hut. Or a much fatter George Constanza.

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