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Shawna 1. Little Women
2. Jane Eyre
3. Rebecca
4. To Kill a Mockingbird
5. Catcher in the Rye

6. Wuthering Heights
7. Love in the Time of Cholera
8. Don Quixote
9. Pride and Prejudice
10.War and Peace
11.Crime and Punishment
12.Great Expectations
13.Farenheit 451
14.Slaughterhouse Five
15.The Great Gatsby

16.Midnight's Children
17.Tropic of Cancer
20.Brave New World
22.The Prohet
23.Anna Karenina
27.Masfield Park
28.Sense and Sensibility
29.Northanger Abbey
30.The Prince
31.Canterbury Tales
32.The Idiot
33.The Posessed
34.Brothers Karamazov
35.Mrs. Dolloway
36.The Woman in White
37.Animal House
38.Gone With the Wind
39.The Grapes of Wrath
40.The Bell Jar
41.The Picture of Dorian Gray
42.Lady Chatterly's Lover
43.A Tale of Two Cities
45.Madame Bovary
46.The Importance of Being Earnest
47.Sherlock Holmes
48.The Metamorphosis
49.To the Lighthouse
50.Robinson Crusoe

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Jonathan Terrington (thewritestuff) That's a good list to get through!

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