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message 1: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 427 comments Goodreads has a listopia for the Best time Travel Books, so many great time travel books only have one or two votes. In case people are interested in adding their opinions to this poll, here is the link:

The Best Time Travel Books Poll

message 2: by Tej (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Thanks Heather.

My favourites are not on the list...Though its nice to see our Carl Ashmore is on the list. alas, I have only read a fraction of thr list so I had a think and ended up voting for Harry Potter. The time travel element in that book was so neat, charming, clever and emotionally rewarding despite it not being the main feature of the book and not even mentioned in the synopsis.

Good list to keep as a reference!

Cheryl has hopes her life will calm down soonish (cherylllr) | 902 comments You can add to the list, you know!

message 4: by Tej (last edited Jun 08, 2012 06:01AM) (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1725 comments Mod
Oh I didnt realise...then I will!

Edit: I've voted 9 books, adding 6 to the list, 4 of which are our group member authors.

message 5: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 427 comments Before I joined this group I was using the list to get ideas on what to read next.

message 6: by Amy, Queen of Time (new)

Amy | 2210 comments Mod
Love it! Thanks for the link. Maybe we can direct people to this list when we solicit nominations for our next read.

message 8: by Lincoln, Temporal Jester (new)

Lincoln | 1290 comments Mod
Always...nice to read a book that lots of people, think is good..so this is a good list to peruse. Thanks Heather.

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