Whispers at Moonrise (Shadow Falls, #4) Whispers at Moonrise question

Derek or Lucas?
Paola Paola Jun 06, 2012 04:09PM
I like Lucas better, however the question is does he care more about her or the pack?

I like Derek better. I feel like Lucas will try to keep up with their relationship but then realize they cant be together because he is a werewolf and she is...XD even her grandma said that he has to marry a full were or a part were and kylie can change into different types of supernaturals. I feel like their relationship will end in this book. But she wont date Derek either. She will end up having to make a total choice over the other sooner or later. So she needs a break from Lucas before she decides... who is truly her soul mate?

Ok first of all I understand why everyone thinks Lucas is an asshole but can you guys really see Derek and Kylie ending up together? I mean she admitted she's in love with Lucas, so even if she ends up with Derek he's her second choice and it wouldn't be very effective. Secondly, I have a feeling C C hunter made people hate on Lucas on purpose. The way he acted in this book was way different in how he acted in the second and third book. It seemed forced to me as if the author was changing your mind on purpose. I doubt she would let readers hate one of her characters especially when he showed some really sweet moments throughout the series. It would just be a disappointment. It wouldn't be a happy ending. Also Lucas has lived with the pack his whole life, and you can tell he loves Kylie, but he's caught between the two. I'm pretty sure he will choose Kylie.He told her he loved her. I believe it. Plus he said there's nothing going on between him and what's her face so I don't see the BIG problem.

People have also said it's unfair that Lucas gets mad that Kylie hangs out with Derek, and it's cuz he knows that they have some romantic feelings towards each other while him and that girl don't.

Plus doesn't the person you love the most hurt you the most? Lucas did hurt Kylie more than Derek with the whole engagement thing. When Derek broke her heart it wasn't enough for Kylie to freak out and leave camp. And didn't Derek freak out and leave camp and came back realizing he loved her. The only way this series can have a truly happy ending to me is if Lucas and Kylie overcome the whole werewolf thing and end up together. To me that would seem like a satisfying conclusion instead of Lucas being too weak to stand up to his pack and that's it, him and Kylie go there separate ways or just become friends. It seems like everything would have been a waste.

Derek the whole time was acting like a friend throughout the whole series. Sure they had their romantic moments but it isn't enough. You can see the difference in the way Kylie and Lucas act together and when Derek and Kylie acted together. There is more passion with Lucas. Plus with the way he's supporting her and constantly there for her seems too easy to me. Isn't love supposed to have issues? It isn't always easy. If Lucas and Kylie can overcome their obstacles it would be a good ending. And I have a feeling C C hunter redeems Lucas in someway in the last book.

I'm team Derek since the first book

Yassie (last edited Oct 14, 2012 10:06AM ) Oct 14, 2012 10:01AM   1 vote
I was seriously torn on book1, when Kylie's with Derek I like him, but when she's with Lucas I liked him too...

Then Derek left and got a tons of Lucas moments so I liked him more...

Derek came back and I was torn again...

THEN Lucas started being so possessive, okay maybe then guy was just jealous and over protective? Derek wasn't helping either so I was neutral...Maybe she shouldn't end up with anyone...

BUT THEN! Derek finally stopped being King Denial while Lucas was all You're Mine, I Don't Like This or That, But Hiding Things from Kylie, Hoping She's One of Them, Bound to His Pack and after last night! WHY DID HE FREAKING DO THAT?!! HE LOVES HER?! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT KYLIE REPLIED TO HIM!

So to conclude, I'm liking Derek more now... BUT! I'm curious with Lucas, the guy is crazy sure but there's still hope, UNLESS he's the All-Bark-but-No-Bite (get it? *sarcastic laugh*) type of guy then Derek all the way!!!

*Sigh* So I guess this means I'm still torn? Back to square one...
Well not totally, Derek has more points than Lucas...

Defiantly Derek. First off, how can she be with Lucas after all the trouble he has given her. I mean he cant just expect her to not have any part in his wolf life when he has knows everything about her life. Also, just because Lucas knew her when she was little does not make him a better choice. First off, he used to watch her through her window..creepy. Second off, he is a wolf and they do not mix with other kinds no matter what. She will just be heart broken in the end.

Derek has been the only one who has helped her transition into the camp. He sincerely cares about her. Her biggest issue with him is that he can read her emotions and who wouldn't want that. Think.. he is the best boyfriend because he is always there when you need him, he knows how you are feeling, and he has the ability to make her feel better. She only has a problem with this because she feels like she needs to be in complete control but thats not right. All she has to do is except that it is alright for someone else to help and be there for her.

So to conclude Derek is the obvious choice!!!

i like derek . lucas hates that she can see ghosts and he wants her to be a werewolf . i hope its derek!!!!

Abbigail (last edited Oct 16, 2012 02:42PM ) Oct 16, 2012 02:42PM   0 votes
DEREK!!!! Definatly he has been my favorite for like forever! But Lucas is eh. i like Derek better and i think he woul NEVER abuse his powers, yet Lucas is soo overprotective and harsh. DEREK DEREK DEREK DEREK!!!

OMG were to even begain?? well.. i must say, i dont get was up with Lucas. at all, i dont like it that he hide some much from her, and then ended going to whatever the thing was and Swaring his SLOE to that other chick whatever her name was.... Sooooo i have to say out of the two i'd chouse Derek. still. and about her grandfather... i dont think that her going to live with him isn't going to end well, as in AT ALL!! somthing is going to happen that's going to put her in danger or somthing. so yeah, anyways id say Derek, bc even though he didnt like that she left he understood why, she had to and said goodbye. plus he was suportvie thoughout the whole thing. as were lUCSE wasnt suportvie. and didnt even bother to say goodbye to her before she leaft so yes Derek all the way. <3

Lucas FTW!

Hmmm... I like Lucas but we all know he hesitates with Kylie and he cares more about the pack and plus I think Derek is hotter he's so sexy! And he can read her like a book lol literally he understands her like holiday so Derek is better

Derek cause he doesn't care what she is he likes her for who she is not like lucas he wants kylie to be a werewolf

I've always been a Lucas fan but after reading Whispers at Moonrise, I just don't know. Derek doesn't invoke the passion in her as Lucas does, and yeah Derek left her. But Lucas is now engaged to another girl! Yes his father made him and yes I understand he has pack issues but dang! He could have told her or refused to marry the other girl in respect to his love for Kylie! Lucas just lost my vote. I'm now officially undecided.

Hmmm... I'm truly confused at the end of Book 2 I was completely furious at Derek for leaving Kylie like that and then Lucas, he's grown on me so much, I used to hate him and think he was such a jerk but now, wow, I think I'm in love with him. If I were Kylie I would choose Lucas but that's whether Lucas chooses her over his pack and his grandma.

Im team Derek all the way. Lucas doesn't like the fact that she sees ghost or the fact that she may not turn out to be werewolf. I think Derek is perfect for Kylie because of how compassionate he is and he declared his love for Kylie in book 3. Lucas loves his pack more than Kylie and it shows.

I prefer Derek...He accepts her for who she is :)


Lucas 1000 times vote for Lucas

Jolene (last edited Jan 10, 2013 10:10AM ) Jan 10, 2013 10:10AM   0 votes
Oh I'm all for Derek. Lucas seems to care for his pack more. And seriously i think Derek loves her and accepts her the way she is.

De de de de Derek De de de de Derek!!! dance everybody!! DEREK DEREK!

I like Derek better, but I worry that the he could abuse his powers... Y' know the ones where he can push feelings and ideas onto people.

His pack obviously as in example in whisper at moonrise



I like both but I think that dereck is a better fit for Kylie. He needs her more than Lucas does. Lucas will have his pack and I think that he would eventually come to resent Kylie if he chose her over it. Derek does not seem to have the same companionship that most of the other groups at camp seem to have. Because of this I think he and Kylie could find companionship in each other.

LUCAS. Derek was such a jerk for leaving her. And sure, Lucas's Dad says he has to marry another girl but if he loves Kylie enough (which he does) then they will fight it together


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Angela whispers at moonrise is not the last book
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Angela I chose derek cause lucas is like showing that he likes more his pack than kylie
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Lucas definatly. i wouldnt want a guy who would keep on dropping me cause i wouldnt go further but lucas and the pack thing is really hard maybe she shouldnt be with anyone of them and then see what they both do. i also think that derek and lucas should have a huge fight over kylie that would be cool. even better these should be movies

Lucas duhhhhhhhhh!!

DEREK!!!! 100% team Derek all the way!!!!

Derek! he never wants her to be anything but herself, and we already know that he loves her.

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