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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (ohwaitiforgot) | 3 comments Mod
What are you reading this month?

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (ohwaitiforgot) | 3 comments Mod
I just finished East of Eden, which is fantastic. Think Cain & Abel in early twentieth-century California. And Steinbeck wrote it, so the language is beautiful.

I'm currently reading So Big by Edna Ferber. Somehow, I'd never heard of her, but she's well-known for plays and stories that ended up on Broadway and in Hollywood, including Show Boat. I'm about two-thirds through, and I love it.

Next on my list is The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino. I'm a huge fan of his work, but I haven't read one of his novels in a couple years. I'm looking forward to it!

message 3: by Russ (new)

Russ | 1 comments Working on The Paladin Prophecy! It's been fast paced so far, and I really have a soft heart for books that juxtapose (believable) fantasy on top of reality, and this is an adventurous story that does so nicely.

Next book: The Drawing of the Three. I read The Gunslinger a couple of months ago and I wanna jump back into to it so...put that in your pipe and smoke it?

message 4: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (ohwaitiforgot) | 3 comments Mod
I think you'll find The Drawing of the Three...interesting. It's a total change of pace fro m The Gunslinger.

message 5: by Jenifer (new)

Jenifer | 1 comments I've been wanting to read Clive Barker. What's a good one to start with? I am reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I'm totally geeking out to all the 80's references.

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason (electricpirate) | 4 comments This August, I just finished Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. I like her books she's very funny but this one was a little over the I'm looking for another book to read!

message 7: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine Phipps | 1 comments i just finished to kill a mockingbird it was such inspiring. its scenes and characters were magnificent and perfect.. i love the old southern small town scenario

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