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Bethany CAUTION: This thread WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! So be warned. Do not read this thread if you have not finished this book!!

This month's book was The Selection by Kiera Cass. I have not, and probably will not get a chance to read this one. Unless I find out that it's amazing...then I might make a way. If anyone has read the book and would like to post some more specific Q&As, that would be awesome. Otherwise you can just give us your take on the book- What you did/didn't like; What you thought of characters, world building, plot, etc. Would you recommend this book??

Tell us what you thought!

Melodie (melodieco) I read this in May and liked it. I was rather taken with Prince Maxon. He wasn't what I thought he'd be. Could probably have used some more explanation as to how the "world" got the way it was, but on the whole I thought it was pretty good. I primarily read it as I had read that the CW had made a pilot based on this book and thought I'd get it read ahead of time. They didn't pick the show up for their fall schedule.

Scarlett (killhailmary) | 7 comments The Selection setting was based on a post-world war in the future. Hence, destroying a lot of state in the US and building individual new system on the process (Mind you it is still on going). The book concentrates on the smallest but great nation called Illéa (New Asia). Their monarchy government is ran by a system that sets people apart based on their numbers. 8 being the lowest and 1 being the highest. As a monarchy type of government, the King is the ruler of the nation. They have the thing called "The Lottery" where the Royal Family shows basic equality for their people. A normal girl, despite what number (But lower than 5 is sometimes impossible) can be crowned king. It's their way to show that the Monarchy is loyal to it's people, etc, etc.

What I liked most of this book is the plot. Some readers are stating that the booked looked like the version of Hunger Games Vs. The Bachelor but I can't quite grasp that. If for a serious reader to correlate that things, it's would be messy. It is not as bloody or brutal like the government in the Hunger Games nor it's full of drama like on The Bachelor, it would be a shame. The book has a stand-alone plot for my opinion and carefully laid facts on how the great nation of Illéa had become and is still becoming. War is still going against North and South, and Illéa on the middle of it. In the midst of it all that is Illéa struggling to keep a tight nation. You would learn that through even "The Lottery" that it isn't basic TV Reality Show that people just randomly watch, but it is the power of marriage to a 'right' connection. The prince, as much as the people, are victims on this system-on this war because they only want the war to stop and live peacefully enough. That's just the technical of it, I also loved the up-front glamour of the competition on "The Lottery". Yes, it's funny as much as sweet but it still tackles really serious issues which I truly respect and like.

Great plot as it, and carefully written as well, I cannot say that I fully liked it as a whole or a lot. I mean what kind of castle cannot fend for themselves in times of attack (while the outside are unharmed-at all). On the lather part, I am really confused on the love triangle. And last but not the least, the book looks like half-finished-there I said it. The book sure did tackled a lot of subject, action, and as on the flexibility of showing the situation it really still feels like the first part of a whole book.

I would like to think though that un-finished as it may look like, I'll get to know why on the second book. Because I also had some speculation that the competition might just get tighter and could be delayed "IF" a big attack come to Illéa, so forth. I could be wrong though but I am hoping for the best for this book.

EXTRA: My opinion about the TV show on CW: I'm pretty much against that. The Selection had only been published for a while now and making it a show doesn't make it more popular. It just makes everything confusing, since the book doesn't even have a sequel yet nor it gives a lot of insight for people to see on the screen. Letting it be a TV show might just discourage people to read the book, or spoil the book. So there!

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Tawna | 11 comments I liked and disliked this book, here's my review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

Okay, I didn't think Hunger Games when I read this, I thought more Wither?? In the sense that both girls didn't actually want to be there, there was another love interest, both the prince and the dude in Wither ended up being cool dudes...even so far as saying there were cameras, because whenever what's her name from Wither left the property for an event there were cameras. None of these things match up perfectly, but this is what I thought of for some reason.

I did know from the very beginning that Aspen would end up at the palace. That was not a shocker to me in the least little bit. I also knew of course that she would be selected and that Prince Maxon would like her most, it goes this way in all YA romances. None of these things deterred me from actually liking the writing style. Some say it's easy and young, but I personally thought it set a mood and environment that I liked.

One of my main things that I didn't really like is that nothing really happens. Uhm, boy and girl in love, the selection, new boy love??, both boys in same place with girl at the very end of the book and super small explaning of the world. Book ends. Uhm...

I will read the next book though because I really want to know what happens. I am voting for Prince Maxon and I want to know who each of them choose and I also want to know what the heck the rebels want and why history is so guarded...seems like history books were banned and burned, what the hell really happen?

Rachel (rachelschell) I didn't love this book and I didn't hate. It was sort of in between. It could be exciting and it could be boring. I'm not sure I would read the next one.

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Rachel wrote: "I didn't love this book and I didn't hate. It was sort of in between. It could be exciting and it could be boring. I'm not sure I would read the next one."

Ditto for me - It was alright, might or might not read the next in the series. It was kinda hyped up.

Christine Wheeler (christinewheeler) | 4 comments Definitely not like The Hunger Games, but a good read nonetheless. I thought Kiera Cass put a lot of development into her characters and I really liked how America's friendship with Maxon gradually progressed into the possible love interest. It seemed very natural. I recommend reading this book and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series!

Lorrie | 42 comments Christine wrote: "Definitely not like The Hunger Games, but a good read nonetheless. I thought Kiera Cass put a lot of development into her characters and I really liked how America's friendship with Maxon gradually..."

I felt the same way Christine!

Gisbelle I finished reading it last month. It may not be the most brilliant book, but it is very entertaining. I love the connection between America & Maxon.

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Jen (baynej) | 169 comments I thought "The Bachelor" the whole time reading this. While I liked America and didn't mind Maxon, I did find this book a little too typical. Aspen annoyed me with his attitude. The love triangle seemed unnecessary, but I am interested to see where this goes. I didn't love it or hate it, I'm with Rachel, sort of inbetween.

Julie I just finished this book today and I liked it, I didn't love it but it was pretty good. My one complaint is that it felt like it was written by someone who is really young. I liked Prince Maxon and America was, of course, a typical YA character. I'm curious as to what will happen next and I have a theory about Marlee.

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