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Javier Quintana (javier_quintana) | 43 comments I'm currently reading Chapter 6, so maybe this has a hidden meaning I'm not aware yet, or probably it's just coincidence, but I noticed this about the names of the four main characters (as of that chapter):

Alessan, Baerd, Catriana, Devin.

I'll keep a close eye on the next character whose name starts with an E.

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Nimrod God (nimrodgod) | 273 comments Hmmm, Weird, I didn't give it much importance... Did I miss something?

Javier Quintana (javier_quintana) | 43 comments No, I just thought it was interesting, just as Stan Lee's characters have the same first letter in the first name and last name. I'm terrible coming up with names when I make characters, so maybe I'll use Kay's method next time.

Or probably it's just a silly thing and coincidence, as I said.

Charles (CAndrews) | 60 comments Interesting (there is an E) but I think it may just be coincidence as many characters met later on don't follow that pattern.

Joshua Kidd | 22 comments It might not be accidental, maybe a subtle way to help us tell the characters apart, I used to do it in English lessons.

Joe Informatico (joeinformatico) | 888 comments Joshua wrote: "It might not be accidental, maybe a subtle way to help us tell the characters apart, I used to do it in English lessons."

Heh, you reminded me of the caption for this webcomic.

aPriL does feral sometimes  (cheshirescratch) I don't think it's an accident. This book is a carefully crafted one. It feels like checklists and outlines were done, and certainly maps were made.

Chaz | 32 comments The sixth member of their party is Erlein. The fifth member has two names, neither of which fit the pattern.

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Javier Quintana (javier_quintana) | 43 comments Yes, it's not really a pattern, or it's not the whole one, but I'm now past half the length of the book and I've noticed lots of names beginning with letters A to E, some S, and then some few other letters, some of them unique to a single character.

Maybe it's not a pattern and it's a cultural thing, maybe names in the Palm are more common using those five letters (they talk about some names being more common than others in the book). Five fingers in a palm, five common letters…

I reckon I'm probably reading too much into it, and it's hard to tell when I'm not even finished.

I like when authors hide things like that, initials, palindromes, pop culture references (but not in my fantasy books, thank you), numbers… and I tend to look for them when reading. Of course, I end with lots of false positives…

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