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Do you think there's a chance the Egyptians will appear in The Heroes of Olympus series?
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Yes , they exist in the same universe. I just realized (actually read somewhere) that the Drew in the dance night in SS is the the same Aphrodite child Drew in HoO. I was just thinking maybe the Greeks and Romans might seek help from the Egyptians. . .

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I honestly think there is a possibility because one of the characters at the end of Serpent's Shadow said they may have darker problems involving other gods. With everything that is going on in the HofO it is quiet possible that the problems the Greeks and Roman gods are facing could rub off on the Egyptian gods. I mean, either can't be completely oblivious to the things going on in other parts of the world.

Also, in the first book Sadie and Carter's uncle said they shouldn't cross the Hudson (was it?) because it was another Gods' domain, as in the Greek gods and Olympus at the Empire State building. Maybe we are in for an extremely interesting book!!!

I think the combination of Percy, Jason, and Carter in one book would be very interesting because each of them is so different. And of course, the female leads would defiantly play well off of each other...Annabeth and Sadie...don't you think that would be interesting???

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T He's doing a crossover short story in May called Son of Sobek. Here's an excerpt.
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Looks like it...they were hinting at it in the Sepents Shadow

Wow! I also think the same thing. I just don't have the guts to ask others. Well, maybe. And I hope so. ;)

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I think they will, but they won't appear in a major role. One of the characters may have a single line in one of the Heroes of Olympus books, but Rick RIordan said that he wasn't going to do a Heroes/Kane Chronicles crossover because the fanbase isn't large enough. If any of the characters from the Kane Chronicles were to appear it would be a lot like Drew in the Serpents Shadow.

Gah. No way. The Greek and Roman religons are connected closely, because the Romans copied the Greeks. Their Gods are at least mostly the same with different names. The Egyptian Gods and Goddess are completely different.

I hope they do. It would be very interesting to see all of the character's interact with each other.

Of course!

I think that the Kanes and both camps,Greek and Roman, will unite to fight evil.
Sadie has a friend called lacy and doesnt like a girll called drew. Lacy and drew are both girls in the aphrodite cabin at camp half blood.

Mica wrote: "Yes , they exist in the same universe. I just realized (actually read somewhere) that the Drew in the dance night in SS is the the same Aphrodite child Drew in HoO. I was just thinking maybe the Gr..."

OMG i did not realize that!! That's pretty cool...

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I think it will have a cross over between KC and demigods, but I don't think it'll be in the Heroes of Olympus series

Yeah, I think that Rick Riordan is planning on including the Kanes in the Heroes of Olympus series because after reading the Son of Sobek, he kind of hints at it. I'm not sure though, but I hope he does, that would be so awesome and the look on Octavian's face would be hilarious!

hmmmm i really hope theres a crossover book soon but i think it wont be in the HoO series unfortunatly

i think that this is a great idea, it would make for a interesting story, it would be difficult to write seeing as the gods are so different but if you can make it work like they are seeing different thing like nico is really anubis? wouldn't that be cool everybody would have a person on the egyptian side. what if carter is really percy???? :)interesting :)

perhaps they should...
but what i think that all the villains of 3-4 mythologies should join forces, so the heroes will to compelled to join hands also then it'll be awesome...

i hope they do that would be awesome but i dont think they would seek help.half-bloods vs magictions(awesome) :)

I think the Egyptions are the "powerful force" that Nico was talking about in the MoA. When Percy and Annbeth fall into the depths or the Underworld they would possibly meet the Egyption god of the Underworld. I am not sure of this but i think the Egyptions will help Percy close the Doors of Death in the Tartarus side.


i do think they will appear their mom did say something about other gods.

My question is how can Carter have seen a Pegasus? the mist usually hides stuff like that from non half bloods. So that means good things on having Carter and Sadie being part of a cross over. While I doubt that they will be in the Heroes of Olympus series, I wouldn't doubt that another series is in the works.

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T Crossover coming in May! It's called Son of Sobek.
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And I love the part in book two where Carter mentions he's seen a pegasus flying across the river, and all of Amos's mentions of "they have their other problems across the river"...

I've been thinking about that since day 1 of Kane Chronicles. I looked up and there were Greek pharohs. So that could be in the mix.

I think that it would be a great book, if its written well. The different series would be a bit complicated to reconcile in a single story, not to mention all the explanations to make the presence of two sets of deities not only believable but realistically meshed with the modern world. It is interesting to think about how he different characters would interact, especially how they would handle more mythological alies/enemies. Riordan was really clever in insinuating a possible crossover so a there might bea chance the to books would cross, but like I said, doing this would be a bit tricky. If Riordan ever does this though, I would totally read it.

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I think it's possible that you might see some of the mortal characters crossover, especially since most of the gods in the Kane Chronicles have had to retreat from the mortal world. Anubis may show up (if Nico and Anubis are connected, perhaps Nico's disappearance has something to do with the whole Walt/Anubis connection. I dunno. Pure speculation) since he's the only god who can still interact with humans without it becoming an issue. And the others might come out of exile if the need were great enough. He left enough connections so that if he wants to he can make a crossover. If he doesn't, those will remain simple (fun) shout-outs.

i dont think so they are two totally different series...

I hope not.

I think that they will cross over officially at some point, if not in HoO than another time.

Thinking about it, and on a personal level, I would think it pretty awesome if there is a crossover. I mean, just imagine: Carter, Percy and Jason. Granted, three different personalities, three different legacies to live up to, but that'll make the book all the more cooler.

And what about when Nico and Anubis/Walt meet?

I'm kinda hoping for something like that. There's a great deal of mentioning from the KC side. Anyone knows about the PJO or HoO?

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Eeesh, I hope not. I don't think so, they're too different.

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