Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles, #2) Beautiful Darkness question

Should I keep going?
Steph Steph Jun 03, 2012 01:19PM
I just started reading this and I already don't like it
Should I go on?

I do i agree this one is not as good as the first but it's worth it and the third one is amazing!!!!! do not give up on them there story has just begun :)

I havent reaad the third book yet, but Darkness isnt as good as the first book. But if u stop there, ill hate u forever. READ IT!

yes it gets better i loved it i didnt get bored of it -thts just me.

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Yes, I believe the ending sort of makes up for the beginning. Beautiful Chaos was not my favorite, but that was because I personally thought it was slow. The last book is amazing, and you'll probably like the third one, too.

The third one is really good, you can't stop now!

I say give up while you still can, because once you read this book you'll be compelled to pick up the third, and once you read the third you'll have to read the fourth to get any kind of closure, so just give up now while you still can. The other books aren't terrible, but I wish I had stopped at the first.

Beautiful Chaos is my favorite..

YES! Beautiful darkness is my Favorite but it only gets better from there,Beautiful Chaos- is intense , but Beautiful Redemption (I'm Still finishing up ) but keep reading!

Yes you should continue! Beautiful Darkness is my least favourite in the series but Beautiful Chaos (the 3rd book) is my favourite in the series. I still need to read Beautiful Redemption, but my favourite is Beautiful Chaos!! You should def continue.

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