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You will need a special guide. Only one sort of demigod...

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Aurora ...can read the signs that will ultimately lead you to the Doors of Me." Thanatos, chapter 47 (I think) of SoN. He's talking about someone special who can help the other six find and close the Doors of Death. I believe this is the seventh demigod. Unfortunately, I also believe it's Octavian. (I despise him.) He (supposedly) has the gift of prophecy, and I think that's what Rick Riordan means by "read the signs." In order to make it interesting, I figure the seventh is someone we've met already. Granted, Octavian isn't a demigod, but the only other person with prophecy is Rachel, and she is definitely mortal. So what do you think?

Jessica Octavian is a legacy, a descends from Apollo. I don't know if that counts as a demigod. It's also said that "those demigods must be the seven greatest of the age". The power decreases for every generation, and Octavian is the forth generation.

I think it refers to either Annabeth or Nico.

Annabeth because she is the daughter of Athena and should be able to follow the mark of Athena.

Or Nico because he is the son of Hades, and maybe he is able to read signs that lead to the doors of the dead. But then they have to find him first.

Aurora I think it's more likely Nico. All of the other demigods have some sort of special power, and Annabeth, other than being smart and good with a dagger, doesn't. Nico has power over the dead.

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Elizabeth The prophacy says "Seven half-bloods shall answer the call..." So I don't think it's Octavian, he's not a half-blood.

Michael pretty much its annabeth if you read teh reveiw for the mark of athena

Julianna Well it's called Mark of Athena, not Mark of Hades.

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Jt Julianna wrote: "Well it's called Mark of Athena, not Mark of Hades."

But there could be a tiwst. Annabeth might have a different role than being the seventh demigod.

Bailey maybe it's rachel? but annabeth is the 7th demigod but they need rachels help, that would be a good way to tie her into the story

Sidney Prescott hmm...

Sidney Prescott Maybe Rachel since she can see through the mist... or Nico since he is a Son of Hades, but he would have to be rescued.

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Kei Walker just b/c they need a special guide doesn't mean that this person will be one of the 7
nico will be guide methinks and Annabeth is #7

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It's Nico.

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