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message 1: by Tim (last edited Jan 05, 2009 07:07PM) (new)

Tim | 8 comments In a Chair or on a bed?
Or somewhere else instead?
Day or Night? sun or light?
Where would your favourite book be read?

message 2: by Robin (last edited Jun 14, 2009 10:37PM) (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 21 comments On the couch, blanket over legs, dog at feet - a cup of tea nearby.

-- Robin The Crown Conspiracy | Avempartha | Nyphron Rising (Oct 2009)

message 3: by Patrick, His Beardy Highness (new)

Patrick | 8 comments Mod
I'm a bed reader too....

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen (heykaren) In bed, on the train, in a waiting room, my head on my boyfriend's lap while he watches football (although I lose my place when there's a touchdown...), in the name it - I've read there.

message 5: by Sandi (new)

Sandi (sandikal) I read anywhere I can. I finally found a book light that works pretty good for reading in bed or in the car at night. I get a lot of reading done at lunch.

Right now, I'm stuck at home recovering from surgery and I'm finding it strangely difficult to get motivated to read even though I feel good and have plenty of time. Strange, huh?

message 6: by Caitrin (new)

Caitrin (literarydependent) | 2 comments In the tub! Yay bubbles!

I'm very careful with my books, promise. Cept when they're dirty and need baths! Or even, need to be cleansed by fire! *coughs*



message 7: by Annette (new)

Annette (annette414) | 1 comments Anywhere and everywhere. Most often in bed before going to sleep, in the vanpool to/from work or curled up on the couch with a blanket, dog (or two) and a drink :)

message 8: by Abigail Singer (new)

Abigail Singer | 2 comments I'll read anywhere I can, on the trolly, in an airport, in the breakroom, etc. But my favourite place is to curl up in my reading chair for a few hours with some snacks in reaching distance.

message 9: by Laurel (new)

Laurel I'm moving into my very first home soon, and there is a little sun room that I'm going to make a book nook. I've bought a comfy recliner, and hope to while away many an hour with a good book. Whenever I think about it, I can't stop smiling! I'll still read in my bed, at the beach, at the park, wherever. But, I'm certain that this little slice of the world will be my favorite for some time to come!

message 10: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 21 comments Laurel wrote: "I'm moving into my very first home soon, and there is a little sun room that I'm going to make a book nook. I've bought a comfy recliner, and hope to while away many an hour with a good book. Whe..."

Congrats! I used to have a beach house and my favorite place to read used to be the deck on the 2nd floor - because it had shade from the deck on the third floor - too much sun makes it hard for me to read.

message 11: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey (xtoloveistolivex) | 21 comments Aww Laurel, that sounds amazing!

message 12: by Laurel (new)

Laurel Thanks guys - less than 3 weeks to go! Is it weird that I'm trying to decide which will be the first book to read there?!

Robin, the cabin sounds amazing! Do you miss it?

message 13: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 21 comments It wasn't a cabin - it was actually a 3 story house - bottom floor had laundry/kids bedrooms middle floor had master suite and bedrooms for guests top floor had the kitchen living room and one more bedroom.

The nice thing is that having decks on 2 of the 3 levels meant you had shade and sun places. Don't really "miss it" after awhile we got tired of going there all the time - the kids would rather be home on the weekends with friends but it was nice while we had it.

message 14: by Mary, Minion the 1st, Chancellor (new)

Mary (mary_believes_in_faeries) | 142 comments Mod
My favorite place to read is in a quiet corner at my favorite sushi restaurant. They all know me and I can sit for an hour or two without anybody worrying about me. (I go during the slow time in the afternoon normally)

message 15: by Ron (new)

Ron | 12 comments Blue, leather-covered Barcalounger. It's about twenty-years old. Got a reading lamp, side table, and basket for books and magazines. Have been known to "nod off" over a good book.

Only problem: it's in the same room as the TV; hard to read when the boob tube blaring, which--thankfully--is seldom.

message 16: by Zachary (new)

Zachary (zacharykeith) A bench in the yard of my grandparents back yard. It has a trellis arching over it and ivy has overtaken it making a living cave with just enough sunlight peeking through to let me read my newest book.

message 17: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 1 comments As my job involves 10 minutes of hectic activity followed by 50 minutes of utter boredom, I do all my reading at work.

My all-time favorite reading spot was the lounge chair in the screen porch with the ceiling fan going and an iced tea at the ready...this was back at my parent's house when I was in my teens.

message 18: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Walker (malcolmwalker) Hi Everyone,

I'm Malcolm and I'm new. Mary's introduced me as the author of The Stone Crown. My favourite reading spots are propped up in bed, on the bus during wild rainy weather, on our back verandah in spring, in the bath (sometimes) and on the couch with our black labrador curled up next to me.

message 19: by Kenkari (new)

Kenkari *poster-child for adhd* so i don't have a 'favorite place'. but i dream of a padded cell with a rocking recliner and footstool. Mini-bar.. w/ milk cookies included. Short of that though, i am often seen with an ear piece from my phone.. where i've loaded it with a current audio book... Must... have... stimulus..

message 20: by Margot (new)

Margot (freezebaby) | 2 comments I get most of my reading done commuting to and from work on the bus. I also read in bed at night (though I'm usually too tired to read for more than 5 minutes--also that's where I usually read my non-fiction *snore*! :) ) But I love reading at the public library. It's clean; it's quiet; it's warm, and they have comfy chairs and good lighting.

message 21: by Mary, Minion the 1st, Chancellor (new)

Mary (mary_believes_in_faeries) | 142 comments Mod
Hooray for the public library! We love to hear that.

message 22: by Katerina (new)

Katerina Kissinger (ashbert13) | 1 comments On the couch or outside on the ground. I'm always wrapped up in a duvet though.

message 23: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 1 comments I love to read in my leather recliner by the fire. But, I must be bundled up in several layers of P.J.'s with an extra soft robe/blanket. I read better when I am all warm and snuggly. I finished NOTW in 2 1/2 days like this.

message 24: by Tyson (new)

Tyson Bathtub. I live in an old drafty house, and the tub is the only place I can stay warm in winter. I used to be a bed reader, but as I get older I just pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I did buy a big fancy chair for my bedroom for reading, but I rarely use it for some reason. I think it needs a foot rest.

message 25: by Kalps (new)

Kalps | 1 comments My choice is sitting at the bottom of my staircase near the balcony with perfect sunlight with none around

message 27: by Mach (new)

Mach | 13 comments I always read in bed, tried reading outside in the summer, but it didn't feel the same way.

message 28: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (kurosymph) | 29 comments In silence, so mostly at night, in my bed
Also up a tree in my garden, on sunny afternoons.

message 29: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) Pretty much bed. I'll read at other times, but my longest stretches of reading are at night in bed.

message 30: by Crazy Uncle Ryan (new)

Crazy Uncle Ryan (crazyuncleryan) | 41 comments I read in bed a lot too. But, we have a really comfortable couch in our living room right next to a good reading lamp and I'd say that is my favorite place to read.

message 31: by Kyle (new)

Kyle McMillion (McMillionkp) | 69 comments I read a lot in my horribly uncomfortable dorm bed and a foldable chair in my dorm. I will read anywhere though. I will read in the college solarium, lobby, library, outside, at the park just anywhere I can

message 32: by Erin (new)

Erin (emckenzie) | 1 comments Anywhere. I like to read in my classroom after the school day is over and the kids are all gone. It is quiet.

message 33: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Moss (thanrand) I need complete and utter silence. If the TV is on, or if people are around talking to each other I find it hard to concentrate. Like Jeromy up there, I'm really A.D.D. and if there's too much going on I have to be a part of it all.

I normally read in bed. I get motion sickness real easy so I can't read in the car. Lately I've been commuting to work, and my ride gets me there 1 to 1 1/2 hours early. I find the silence of the outside smoke hole, mixed with the fresh morning air, is my favorite place to read.

Except when it's super windy. Then it's just bothersome =)

message 34: by Phil the Arcane (new)

Phil the Arcane (philthearcane) | 43 comments On a blanket, in the sunshine outside in my the summer or fall. In winter, it's in front of a window with the sun streaming in.

message 35: by Cristi (new)

Cristi (chrowan73) My favorite place to read is all cozied up in bed. My only problem is making myself put the book down and go to sleep!

message 36: by Gaard (new)

Gaard | 95 comments Not going to lie, I read in the only place a husband and biology grad student can...the one place where he has his privacy, and not be disturbed over the sound of the constant exhaust fan...I will leave it to you guys to figure out where that is...

message 37: by Michael (new)

Michael Hawk (mehawk) | 66 comments In my car, but at the beach, on my itouch. But even more than that Id rather be looking out at the water and listening to the audiobook. Nothing like watching a pod of porpoise and listening to a good story at the same time.

I love the beach, but...the car is the only way my back can survive a resonable amount of time and the ever changing weather, and I do like being there in all kinds of weather too. Fog and storms can all be fun for effect.

message 38: by Kaye (new)

Kaye  (carrymeaway) | 241 comments I read anywhere... if my nose is stuck in a book then there is no way you are getting me out... hahaha... even walking has not stopped me from reading... especially with Pat's books...

message 39: by Michael (new)

Michael Hawk (mehawk) | 66 comments Kaye wrote: "I read anywhere... if my nose is stuck in a book then there is no way you are getting me out... hahaha... even walking has not stopped me from reading... especially with Pat's books..."

Its all good fun until you run into a pole :)

message 40: by Kaye (new)

Kaye  (carrymeaway) | 241 comments i dont run into things... i have peripheral view...

message 41: by Blesha (new)

Blesha | 1 comments Laying in bed or on the couch, wrapped up in a warm cover. I do read on the train and bus too, although it's hard to concentrate there with all the people talking loudly, especially those that are talking on their cell.

message 42: by Olive (new)

Olive (odd1in) | 1 comments in bed, or outside in the the front of a fireplace with a cup of tea whilst it rains outside

message 43: by Priya (new)

Priya P | 2 comments In sunlight...

Also, lying on a sun-warmed rock in the middle of a river.

message 44: by Billy (new)

Billy | 51 comments My favorite place to read is while I'm at work, in Deadhorse, Alaska. I'm getting paid around the clock, so I get paid to read, and I can tell you from experience, there is nothing better than getting paid to do something you love. Also, Deadhorse is at the very top of Alaska, so I like to imagine that I am 'POSSIBLY' the furthest North person in the whole world reading a particular author.

message 45: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookieleib) | 35 comments In bed under my warm covers with a lamp (only white light), or outside in the sun. But anywhere is doable :)

message 46: by Ancapaillmor (new)

Ancapaillmor | 76 comments Bed or on the sit down thingy that's not a chair and of course audio books for work.

message 47: by Mona (new)

Mona (monastar) | 1 comments High! High! High! From up there, any story can become real...

message 48: by Joanne (new)

Joanne | 4 comments Anywhere comfy but preferably in bed :)

message 49: by Jared (new)

Jared P. | 16 comments Wow, Billy, what do you do? :) Vocationally speaking, that is.

My favorite place to read is in a huge comfy chair (preferably leather) next to a window during a thunderstorm, with a drink nearby (hot tea in the winter, iced tea in the summer). Actually, any storm is nice. Blizzard, gentle patter of rain, thunderstorm, wind storm...

message 50: by Billy (new)

Billy | 51 comments @Jared - At the top of Alaska, we drill for oil. 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off. I get a full year's salary and half the year off. It's the BEST!

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