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which was written first?

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Antonia cassie clare wrote the mortal instruments first. them in between, i think the 3rd and the 4th book if the TMI series did she start the infernal devices. yea it set in the in the 1800's but it was written after the motal instruments. and not clare has been signed on to write the dark artifices!! AHHHH i'm so excited. this ones is going to take place 5 years after the TMI series!! in los angeles. hope this helps:)

Katrina Passick Lumsden Well, who knows about written, but as far as published, yes, the MI series came first, then Clockwork Angel, now it appears she's writing both simultaneously.

The ID series is supposed to be a prequel to MI. If I'm remembering correctly (forgive me if I'm not, it's been a while), Will (ID series) is Jace's ancestor.

Annemarien Faraminan Cassandra Clare wrote the mortal instruments first. Then she signed up to start writing in between the TMI series the Infernal Device. Then the Dark Articles it’s coming out after both series are done. They also said a book that’s like a guide and family tree will come out to help link everything that has been read.

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Cassandra Clare wrote The Mortal Instruments series first and then wrote The Infernal Devices. The Dark Artifices is going to come out.

Blujeanbooks96 The Mortal Instruments was written first. The Infernal Devices was started later and intended to be a prequel series to the Mortal Instruments. The Darke Artifices is like the... sequel series. It'll be written later.

So in writing order: TMI, TID and later TDA

In Set-Time order: TID (prequel/past/1800s), TID (initial series/present/2000s) and TDA (sequel/future/later 2000s haha)

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the infernal devices starting being published between the books of the mortal devices but the infernal devices was set in the late 1800's as a prequel to it and the dark artifices be out in like 2015 maybe as a sequel to the mortal instrument anyhow they're all about shadowhunters and stuff

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