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message 1: by Jeremy Burgher (new)

Jeremy Burgher | 6 comments So, I'm several chapters in, and I've already been thinking about some topics, and this is the first one, which I already brought up with Mikaela recently. I'm wondering (for everyone who's reading it), how important they think it is to have some direct experience with the military in order to appreciate the humorous aspects of the plot and dialogue. Obviously, a lot of the satire and humor is based on paradox and tautology, and that sense of wild goose chases and a cat chasing its own tail are pretty prevalent in the military, which is why the setting fits so well. Just curious about people's impressions on that, based on their own experience or lack thereof with the military.

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkpowell) | 8 comments Mod
Reading this book constitutes one of my main experiences in the military. Others are from film and maybe a few books. Because of military prevalence in film, I feel that I can understand what's going on so far, about 60 pages into Catch-22. It's hilarious! I had no preconceived notions of this book, which is the best way to begin a book, in my opinion. I really needed some comedy in my life right now. And the writing style is superb. I can see why this book is so well known as a classic and bestseller. I'm impressed at how the story weaves between present and past, suddenly leading me into a grotesque scene of horrific battle devestation. The dark and the light.

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