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Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror, #1)
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2012 Group Reads > The Dark Mirror by M.J. Putney - June Group Read

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Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) | 270 comments June's group read is now open.

Veronica (veronica_mitchell) I thought that Dark Mirror was a fast, enjoyable read. It was interesting to see how magic in society among the nobility was considered "wrong", but people of average birth accepted and embraced it. I think the idea of a school to help those lock away their gifts was great for the story, and the fact that many of the students and the teachers met in secret to help grow that same magic that they were supposed to be killing. My favorite part was the time travel. I look forward to reading the second one.

Christie (cereale) I was somewhat disappointed in this book. It had such potential, a very interesting premise and everything, but it just didn't deliver in my opinion. The characters were very shallow and stereotypical for me and there was almost no character growth. I would have loved to have learned more about the magical training and the different magical abilities. It was an interesting read though. Here's my full review:

Jenny (narcisse) I liked the plot and the alternate history and time travel. But I agree that the characters (and the romance) fell flat.

message 5: by Emily (new)

Emily (librarylil) I am afraid I am going to have to skip this month's read. I just have too much other reading I need to get done, much of it work-related. I'll be on top of the July read, though!

Veronica (veronica_mitchell) In case any one is interested:
Fallen from Grace (Dark Mirror, #0.5) by M.J. Putney

This ebook is pretty much pages from Allarde's diary. I read it after finishing Dark Mirror and thought that it was fine.

Nanci | 64 comments Jenny wrote: "I liked the plot and the alternate history and time travel. But I agree that the characters (and the romance) fell flat."

I have to agree. All in all, it is worth a read from the historical standpoint. That particular event in history is one I hadn't really known of before but have read about since. I liked the book but it isn't one I will read again.

Brittany | 10 comments I just finished Dark Mirror. I gave it ***, I liked the ideas of the book and the simple writing. It fits perfectly into YA Historical Fiction and YA Paranormal Fiction. There were somethings that I agree with others on (character development). Maybe in the next installment we will get to know the other characters better. I desperately wanted to read more about Lackland Abbey(classes, daily life, magic control, etc), maybe in the next book we will be able to read more of life there. I also noticed that some formidable characters were introduced and then forgotten (mainly teachers and family members), I would like to see them return in the next installment.
It really is an intriguing idea that magic helped win battles in Earth history but not in a grand way, just small things that individuals did to help smooth the way.
If you link back to my profile you'll see my full review.

Alene | 2 comments This book was just ok for me. I liked the historical connection, but felt like I couldn't really connect with any of the characters. As one of the reviewers described it, a little "flat". A decent effort, but not really one I would recommend to others unless they are specifically looking for a historical fiction book for those periods in time.

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Alex  Baugh (alexbaugh) I didn't read Dark MIrror, it just didn't grab me.

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