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Can't remember this series - someone help!

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message 1: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) Hey,

I remember reading a sci-fi trilogy about a war between an alien race and humans. The first book was written from one side's perspective and the second book from the other side. The third book mixed the two perspectives I think.

I can't remember the author, any of the book titles, or even any of the unique alien words (or the name of the alien race for that matter) that would help me find this book via google or goodreads search.

What I do remember is as follows:

The aliens had life phases - specifically they stored some kind of sausage shaped organ in a receptacle on their homeworld and if they died they're consciousness would pass into that organ and that was considered to be a new phase in life.

The aliens had 6 digits on each hand - including two OPPOSED thumbs.

I know that the alien words were consonant-heavy.

that's about all I remember. Can anyone help me out?

message 2: by Skaw (new)

Skaw | 116 comments Sounds a lot like the Conqueror's Saga by Timothy Zahn, (Conquerors' Pride, Conquerors' Heritage, and Conquerors' Legacy). The the point of view is the same as what you mention and the aliens sound familiar.

I really enjoyed this trilogy. I always thought they were some of the better done alien/human conflict books.

message 3: by Basil (new)

Basil Godevenos (basilgodevenos) Awesome! Yes this is the one. Thanks Skaw.

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