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message 1: by Dario (new)

Dario Judicibus (dejudicibus) | 9 comments I am an Italian published fantasy writer. Of course I write in Italian only. You may find the official web site of my books on

I am interested to get in touch with UK & USA publishers interested to translate my books to English and publish them in their marketplace. Same for France. Spanish, and German marketplace.

I am also interested to share know-how with other authors. Feel free to contact me here or on GMail.

Kjersti but you can call me Captain | 32 comments Hey Dario, welcome to the group. I assume italian is your first language? How interesting, I will look you up. Jump in to any of the discussion boards, we'd love to have you.

message 3: by Dario (new)

Dario Judicibus (dejudicibus) | 9 comments Yes, Italian is my first language and I write in Italian only. i am not so fluent in English to compete with native writers. I am very careful to use a sophisticated language in my novels :-) Too hard to translate by myself...

message 4: by Leslie Ann (new)

Leslie Ann (leslieann) | 48 comments Hello Dario and welcome!
Fantasy and science fiction enjoy immense popularity here in the States. Is it the same in your native Italy?

message 5: by Dee (last edited Dec 21, 2008 02:25PM) (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Onde ciao a Dario, benvenuto.

Waves Hello to Dario,

Welcome. I really like the design of your site. Tell us a little bit about you novel. Is it the story of a knight and a black sword? The cover of La Lama Nera is very inviting.

As to a translator... A Goodreads member messaged me when I first became a member. He mentioned that he was a book translator. I know that he translates in French, not sure which other languages he is proficient in

All roads lead to Rome :]

Wishing you a most wonderful holiday season,
Dee Marie

message 6: by Robin (last edited Dec 21, 2008 05:32AM) (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 71 comments Mod
I don't speak any other language so I'll just introduce myself. I'm the wife of a fantasy author Michael J. Sullivan he has written a 6 book fantasy series called The Riyria Revelations.

Book One: The Crown Conspiracy Was released in October 2008 and is receiving really good reviews:Fantasy Book Critic | Odysssey | Amazon | MidWest Book Review | Huntress Reviews

Book Two: Avempartha is due April 2009 and I just sent the final review of changes from the editor a few days ago.

You can learn more at Michael Sullivan's Website

message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Hey Robin,

I am looking out of my window, at well over three foot of snow...dreaming of April...and the arrival of Avenpartha :]

Dee Marie

message 8: by Dario (new)

Dario Judicibus (dejudicibus) | 9 comments Dee wrote: "Onde ciao a Dario, benvenuto."

Well, first of all, feel free to write in English. It is simpler for me to read some English text than stuff that was automatically translated to Italian because computer translators are good only for few simple statements. When you translate a longer phrase you may get unpredictable results :-)

Here is something about my novel in English (it is the first volume of a cycle, The Cycle of Black Blade):

«It has been six years since the Alliance has put down the Usurper, ending the bloodiest war that the Four Kingdom have ever seen. Life moves on quietly in the farm where the young Agi lives with his family until one evening somebody knocks on the door...

It is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that will bring the young Aggart to become a killer of the Guild of Assassins and to defeat the obscure plots of Dagg Elath, the Lord of the Shadows. With the help of Ona Ettài, a sensitive but taciturn wizard, and his bodyguard Messala, a grumpy and slightly wild Amazonian, Aggart starts the quest for the Black Blade, which may hide the secret to defeat the Dark Lord.

A novel full of tension and plot twists in a world of violence and love, crave for revenge and generosity, a world where magic is everywhere but underpins everything, leaving human beings the unique and true owners of their destiny.»

Translating a novel like mine to English is quite expensive. I use a quite sophisticated style, with a lot of Middle Age and ancient terms. Furthermore in my books there are several dialogues in ancient languages, like Gaelic and Old Norse. Even if mine is a fantasy novel, it is based on serious studies on Middle Age and Celtic Myths. There is a Lingua Franca, but there people speaking in various languages who do not understand each other, to be more realistic. Just as you would come in Italy: you do not speak Italian but maybe you know few words, whereas Italians may understand some English but partly miss what you said. Same situation.

To compete with English authors I should give the book to a very professional and expert translator, and maybe reviewed by a Professor of English Literature, to keep the same quality. Too expensive for me.

message 9: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Hi Dario,

Actually it was my very “broken” Italian (not a computer-translator), please forgive my feeble attempt at greeting you within your native language.

It was merely an attempt to make you feel welcome...I do apologize...I guess it has been too many years since my Uncle passed away. We would often speak (and write) in Italian…his native language.

Your novel does sound interesting.
Dee Marie

message 10: by T. (new)

T. (tjacksonking) | 17 comments I'm T. Jackson King (Tom), and over the years I have had two SciFi novels published: Retread Shop (Warner, 1988) and Ancestor's World (Ace, 1996, w/A.C. Crispin). They still sell OK on the used book market. Got about 16 short stories sold to various markets, plus several poems pubbed in paying markets. Plus, I've done a lot of non-fiction articles sold to SF Chronicle, Writer's Digest, Figment, Byline, Small Press, Writer's Journal, Science Fiction Chronicle, etc. Used to belong to some mutual help writers' groups, but that is now in the past. Besides writing short fiction and poetry, I continue to enjoy reading in many genres and fields. My web sites include,, and Tom.

message 11: by Dee (new)

Dee Marie (dee_marie) | 52 comments Waves Hi 2 Tom :]

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