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message 1: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) This new folder is for the new "Themed Group Reads" that I'm hosting as of April, 2012.

Well, ok, we're already underway, as we've already decided on April's theme - but I need all the help I can get to keep track of everything. So:

This topic thread is for queries/ critiques of the general format of Themed Group Reads and for suggestions of themes. Please see other topic threads for specific months' nominations and discussions.

Note that the general format for these Themed Group Reads will be a compromise between reading one book together, and members choosing whatever book they can justify to fit a broad theme. This is to try to welcome everyone who wants to participate.

What we're doing is choosing a theme a full month in advance of the read. Then we're nominating books that will fit the theme, and then we're voting on the choices. We hope the poll, or, even better, a run-off poll, will reveal 4-6 clearly popular choices. Those books will be the 'pool' from which each member will draw - choosing to read one of those books for the monthly discussion. This way we will be discussing books in common, but we're not limited to just one single book.

The rules for nominations are simple, so please:
Post them as soon as possible, because we need time to vote.
Each member can nominate up to three books.
Try to fit the theme closely, and try to nominate both fiction and non-fiction titles.
Use the 'add book/author' link at the top of the comment box so that others can easily click to see details of the book that you're nominating.
Say a bit about the book(s) you're nominating, so people know why they might want to vote for it.

I think that's it! Questions?

message 2: by Snoozie Suzie (new)

Snoozie Suzie (snooziesuzie) | 937 comments Can I ask what sort of timeline are you giving? Is it for example 1st-10th nominations, 11th-20th voting, 21st-end of month source book? Or are you going to play by ear and kinda think oh suggestions seem to all be in so I'll sortlist, etc.
Just wondering :-)

message 3: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) Actually perfect timing for the question! I'm actually compressing it a bit (in case we need a run-off poll) and have set up the first round of voting right now - I was working as you posted this! So go to polls and vote!

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