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Not sure how I feel about this book

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Samantha I am currently reading Clockwork Angel and I'm not loving it. I loved The Mortal Instruments and can't wait for the next book so I decided to try Infernal Devices until it comes out and I feel a little disappointed. I'm almost half way through it. It gets better right?

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Mig Everyone has their own opinions. and well i love the book. i heard the second book of Infernal Devices is better.

Marcelle Wesley yes i loved both books but the characters really come together in a love triangle in second one! which keeps you turning page for page the end leaves you hanging for the next!! cant wait!!

Valerie It definitely gets better. Clockwork Prince is the best, but I guess that's just my opinion

Julie Oh, gosh, LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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M. I agree that Clockwork Angel was a bit slow in the beginning but I still preferred that to any TMI books. Clockwork Prince is definitely better and I can't wait for the final book. I have to say that after the 4th TMI book I really couldn't careless to what happens next in that series. Isn't it weird?

Samantha The Escapist I was a lot pickier with Clockwork Angel on my first reading because I was holding it to a rather high steampunk standard. I still find the "steampunk" side to be a shakey claim but whatever, steampunk is so popular and diluted now that it's a losing battle.

As a Cassandra Clare novel though, it's actually surprisingly good I find. An odd thing happens between Angel and Prince, in the first one the writing feels off, shakey new terrain, brand new characters, but lots of stuff happens. In the second book the writing has really taken off well and the good is quite good, but nothing actually happens...

As you grow to like the characers you may find you like this more than TMI because the characters are older and speaking in a more mature voice.

Also Tessa makes an interesting transition from having no identity to somehow becoming someone I want to be friends with (which almost never happens with YA heroines)

Samantha I just finished it and it got better and I will defiantly read the next book. I still like The Mortal Instruments better though.

Julie I love them equally. :)

Courtney I was in love with The Mortal Instruments.

Until I read The Infernal Devices.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still dying for City of Lost Souls. I can't wait for it!!! But I just like The Infernal Devices better, though I'm not sure why. I just got The Clockwork Prince today and I'll be digging into it soon! :)

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