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Who thinks that Seth is cool?
Wanita Wanita Feb 28, 2012 04:26PM
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Seth reminds me of Percy Jackson, rebellious, doesn't follow rules, etc. But sometimes your like," Seth! What in the name of sanity are you thinking?!?!?!". There are times when I think Seth makes really stupid decisions without thinking really and me, myself I connected with Kendra a lot more. But for the most part I loves Seth as a character.

deleted member Nov 11, 2012 10:28PM   1 vote
Seth is epic! I mean hes got guts. He's got confidence. He's a little rebellious and completely independent. He's adventuorus and tough. He's a little out control sometimes but that makes him a fun character. I luv him ill say no more.

Seth is pretty cool. He's also very destructive and didobedient, unlike me. This was an awesome book though and I would recommend it to everybody!! I'm now on the 3rd book and it's pretty good so far but I like the 1st and 2nd ones better. READ FABLEHAVEN!!

Sharon Lugo he's cool ...more
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He is pretty cool.

I LOVE Seth!!!! In my mind he is soooo cute! ;)

I don't. He is really stupid, because he doesn't listen to anybody. It lands him in TONS of trouble (like being turned into a walrus mutatuion) and he hurts others in the process. Kendra os prettycool. Though I have to admit, being a shoadow charmer would be pro.

He can be stupid at times, but really fun. Overall, I like him a lot.

I like Seth a lot. At first, he was annoying because he reminded me of my little brothers, but as he matured throughout the series his POV became more and more interesting. He's confident and brave, and makes good decisions the majority of the time, especially in books 3-5. Although, for the record, I fairykind beats shadow charmer by just a little bit. Either way, shadow charmers are awesome and so is Seth.

I didn't like him until the last book. Before then, he was way too reckless and often got others hurt because of him.

However, I'd rather be a Shadow Charmer than Fairykind any day.

I totally think Seth is cool I mean He can kick butt lol! I wish he was real!!

I think that I connected with Kendra a lot more than Seth because she is the opposite of myself. He does something's that you think. What the hell is going through your head right now?? But I really did love him otherwise.

Yes definately!!! I wanted Seth to have a love in these books. He was young, but not too young to have a bit of a crush. I thought that it would've been cute.

He's creative an cool.

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I think he's cooler in the other books, but I like most of the main characters in this series.

Seth = annoying, how can anyone not learn a lesson after messing up so many times.

Seth is awesome

I Mar 02, 2012 02:20PM   0 votes
Payton thats exactly what my sister said but i love seth he's alot better once he becomes a shadow charmer though

Seth....I can't even remember how many times I was screaming at him DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

Max I
Oct 27, 2013 08:15AM · flag

Seth makes stupid decisions though.. I mean we all new he was going to end up hurt or in trouble if he captured the fairy.. look what happened he was turned into a seal and had to see the witch to get switched back

I like him better then his sister.

i can't even remember how many times i had to put the book down because i didn't want to see how he would screw things up. that's how effective his character was. Imagine how boring it would be without Seth. I can't even think about it. So was he cool? He may not be your most likeable character on earth, but he totally was!

i was fine with him intill he turnede that fairy into an imp -_- really Seth...REALLY why would you want to catch a fairy anyways they are in your backyard EVERY DAY

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