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If Rick Riordan came to your school...
Phoebe Phoebe Feb 27, 2012 05:43PM
You just read the Son of Neptune. Suddenly Rick Riordan is at YOUR school. You don't know whether to...
A. Punch Him
B. Hug Him
C. All of the Above

I picked C by the way. Just imagine reading it on the day it came out. That will be a nightmare.

I would scream and faint, but wake up really fast because I can't stay out that long. That's like my top 10 most reoccurring day dreams

Actually he's coming to a signing in at the nearest Banes and Noble near me to give out SIGNED editions of the book The Serpent's Shadow.

I would probably freak out! One: because he's the author of my most favorite book series. Two: I'm home schooled, so if he came to my school it would be my home. Unless he came to the school I go to on saturday mornings to learn german. THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't really do any of those, I would just take a picture of him and post it online. And I would probably tell him to al least try to write the books faster. And if I could have a free copy of each book when it comes out.

if he came to my school i would freak(hes my favorite author) well he is signing books were i used to live, so that made me REALLY MAD.tehee

oh and i would probly B hug him because i dont know why i would punch him, except for makeing us wait forever for the mark of athena!

i would hug him and then attack him with questions

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