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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Hardcover collections of stories for children, possibly "Collier's Junior Classics"[s]

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Tess | 438 comments What I can remember:
There were several books with different stories in them, I think most of them were fairy tales and folk tales. They had two-tone pictures illustrating the stories. the ONLY story I can remember is the tale of little Two-Eyes, who has sisters One-Eye and Three-Eyes.
I'm pretty sure that each cover was a different color, and that there were embossed pictures from the stories inside also on the cover.
Why I'm not sure if it is Collier's Junior Classics - The copies I remember did not have dust jackets. The only pictures of the Collier collection I've found show dust jackets, and not the embossed pictures I remember. Also, I can't find a list of the stories in each volume so I can't figure out if "Little TwoEyes" is one of the stories.
I feel like these books had to have been published in the 1960's or earlier, just from what I remember of the paper and binding style. I think I read these at my grandparent's house, and my parents were kids in the '60s.
They also might be Andrew Lang's color fairy books, but again I cannot find a collection with the covers I remember.

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Hannah Bailey | 26 comments The Green Fairy Book includes (among many other stories) "Little One-eye, Little Two-eyes, and Little Three-eyes". Dunno if the covers fit your recollection tho :(

Tess | 438 comments yeah, that's why I thought it might be the Andrew Lang collections because that's the only place I can find a reference to "Little Two Eyes" but again can't find a cover that fits my memory!
Thank you!

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Diana (gwenivere27) | 5 comments Could it be the series My Book House by Olive Beaupre Miller? I think I remember that story in the series. There's a total of 12 books in the series.

Tess | 438 comments maybe? I will see what the covers from different editions look like. thanks for the suggestion

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Diana (gwenivere27) | 5 comments I hope it helps.

Tess | 438 comments Oh my goodness, thanks everyone for the suggestions! I went back to my parent's house this weekend and they knew what I was talking about! This is a series my father had read. There are dust jackets that neither he nor I remembered, but the covers underneath are exactaly as I remember.
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Diana (gwenivere27) | 5 comments I'm so glad you found them.

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