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message 1: by Ken (last edited Apr 15, 2012 05:17AM) (new)

Ken | 35 comments Please include maybe a little about yourself, what you like to read, what books you've worked on, and maybe a link to your blog or site if you'd like. Thank you authors and I hope everyone likes the new addition.

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert (robertdownsbooks) | 24 comments Hello all,

I'm Robert Downs. I'm a budget analyst by day, and a writer by night, although I have to admit I do get more excited about writing than I do budget analysis. However, the analytical side of my brain keeps me in check.

I like to read anything that captures my attention, since I can learn from everything I read, both the good and not-so-good. But I do find myself gravitating heavily toward mysteries and thrillers.

My debut hard-boiled mystery novel Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator came out last August. It's been an interesting adventure so far, as I attempt to introduce the world to MANfiction, following in the footsteps of a Stephen King article written for Entertainment Weekly.

My Facebook page has managed to gain a few followers. I offer tips for fellow writers as well as a bit of book promotion. To find out a bit more about me or my book, you can check out my website

message 3: by Mike (new)

Mike Meyer I am a retired college professor. I have traveled extensively throughout the world, having taught at universities in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the U.S Virgin Islands, and finally in my native state of California. My books have found a home at Amazon Kindle.

message 4: by J. (new)

J. Bralick (jleighbralick) | 5 comments Hi everyone! I'm J. Leigh, a YA author by night, executive assistant by day, sometimes student, wannabe fencer, and all around enthusiast of chickens, books, and music.

I have published two YA fantasy books, Down a Lost Road and its sequel Subverter. Right now I'm working on the third book, Prism, and hope to have it out July 4th.

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter (@jleighbralick), and get more information on my books and current projects on my personal website.

J. Leigh

message 5: by James (new)

James Loftus Hi everyone, James John Loftus here. A writer ever since I could hold a pen. I love writing and I work hard to master my craft which I doubt I will - that's what makes it fun. The process of writing never ceases to amaze me. The people you meet, inspire me, those who are so supportive and kind - and the whole range of experiences. Not least, the fun at times and wackiness of being a writer. Alwyn, who I work with, and who I now avoid because he told me he had read my book and hated it. His strident criticism telling me how much I suck, and he only got to page three. A unique position being a writer, sitting back and thinking as someone abuses you, "I can use this, this is gold, keep going Alwyn you are going to be in my next novel, and let me tell you Alwyn, it ends badly!"

Before I forget, read Celtic Blood. It will cure all forms of illness and within it is the secret to success and riches, however, in code ... sorry.

message 6: by Ian (new)

Ian McFadyen (ianmcfadyen) | 4 comments Hi everyone,
I'm Ian McFadyen, and I have 3 novels published by the Book Guild in the Inspector Carmichael series. Set in Lancashire, with a similar feel to Midsomer Murders, Little White Lie's, Lillia's Diary and Frozen to Death have all proved popular in libraries and I get a good response at book signings. I started writing as a hobby, and only ever thought my family would read my books!
Lillia's Diary

Frozen to Death

I like reading short novels, the last one I read was "The five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom, which I really enjoyed and have left a review for on here. I'm definitely open to suggestions on books to read, and would appreciate anyone who wishes to review my books! My next novel "Deadly Secrets" is also in the Inspector Carmichael series and should be out in April 2013.

For any more info have a look at the following.


message 7: by James (new)

James Loftus Ian,

Only too happy to review one or more of your books which I am sure will be wonderful. I really appreciated the advise you gave me on my play. My novel Celtic Blood is going okay. I have re-written it a fe times, because I had to. Again, it was so generous of you to offer your help to me.

message 8: by Ian (new)

Ian McFadyen (ianmcfadyen) | 4 comments Hi James,
I think you have the wrong Ian McFadyen I'm afraid, I'm often confused with the Australian author with the same name!

message 9: by James (new)

James Loftus In fact you are correct it was that Ian I was referring to, sorry for that. But, nevertheless I am still interested in reviewing your work.

message 10: by Ian (new)

Ian McFadyen (ianmcfadyen) | 4 comments That'd be great, thanks! If you message me your address, I'll post you a copy.

message 11: by Candycane (new)

Candycane Claus (candycaneclaus) | 3 comments Hi gang! I'm Candace Jane Kringle, but my friends all call me Candycane. I'm a high school junior and I've just written my first book, a memoir called North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus about my life growing up in the North Pole having a world-famous father who doesn't think I'm old enough to date. I think he's afraid if I grow up, I'll stop believing in him like a lot of kids do. LOL.

I'm new to Goodreads and still finding my away around here. Feel free to send me a friend request. :)


message 12: by Xavier (new)

Xavier Edwards (xavieredwards) | 4 comments Hello all,

I'm Xavier Edwards, an Erotica and Erotic Romance author from the wide brown land down under. I've been writing for myself or many years and finally took the plunge into being published in April 2012.

An avid reader, my library covers most genres and is constantly being overhauled to make room for the new books I am reading. To this end, the introduction of ebooks has been a lifesaver.

I've spent my entire life being surrounded by women and have gained a wonderful appreciation for some of the things that make the female libido tick (and many of the things that don't).

At the moment I am happy exploring the different types of erotica subgenres and will probably end up writing works that fit into most of them at some point in time.

I'm looking forward to seeing what participation in this group will do for my writing and what I can do for the group.

message 13: by James (new)

James Loftus Just posting a link to my promo on You Tube, for my historical fiction novel, Celtic Blood, which even though I am saying it is doing okay. Thanks again to Ken and others in the group for the support.

I hope you enjoy.

message 14: by Elly (new)

Elly Helcl (ellymae) | 4 comments Ever not know what to say...well, here I am.

I am Elly Helcl, for better or for worse, I am attempting to do what I have always wanted to do for a living...write books. My first book is Tia's Folly : The Path to Destiny and the second book in the trilogy is set to be released the end of this month.

I read anything...classics, horror, mystery, romance, and everything inbetween. I have a favorite author in every genre. Last year for x-mas I got my first kindle and I already have about a hundred and fifty books that I have read on it.

If I could resurrect one author, it would be V.C. Andrews...I would like to see what she thinks of the books that were written based on her notes after her death...somehow, I don't think she would be pleased =)

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everybody! I am Isis Sousa, author of Art of Isis Sousa & Guests: Fantasy Digital Painting Techniques & Video Lectures Art of Isis Sousa & Guests Fantasy Digital Painting Techniques & Video Lectures by Isis Sousa .

I am also a fiction author, just editing my first illustrated short story (9 K words) and writing my first Epic Fantasy Illustrated novel.

I am also illustrator and graphic designer :)
Nonetheless, love heavy metal and books about leadership, history, mythology, fantasy, horror, mystery, etc...

message 16: by Monica (last edited Nov 22, 2012 07:40AM) (new)

Monica Davis When I read fiction it has to be a really great storyline...with characters that come alive and a gripping tale that makes me think.

I write about how myths and stories have changed our lives, and why the truly great stories have survived for thousands of years, to be retold, and adapted.

Have a Goodreads Giveaway going until Nov 28th.
Wisdom of the Toga Mythic Patterns That Shape Our Lives by Monica Davis

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Monica wrote: "When I read fiction it has to be a really great storyline...with characters that come alive and a gripping tale that makes me think.

I write about how myths and stories have changed out lives, and..."

Very interesting, got very curious about your book, added to my to-read list :)

message 18: by Monica (new)

Monica Davis Isis wrote: "Monica wrote: "When I read fiction it has to be a really great storyline...with characters that come alive and a gripping tale that makes me think.

I write about how myths and stories have changed..."

Thank You, Isis!

message 19: by Celia (new)

Celia Stander (celiastander) | 4 comments Hi there, I just joined and look forward to getting to know everyone.

I love reading fantasy, horror and suspense. The book that got me writing is Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks.

I am an indie author and my fantasy YA novel is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. Here are the links:

I'd also be happy to connect with you on Facebook or my blog:

message 20: by Amber (new)

Amber (unchangeling) | 6 comments I'm Amber Michelle Cook, I love reading speculative fiction and 19th Century lit, and rereading favorite books from childhood. My stories are mostly urban fairy tales, contemporary fantasy and 'speculative lit' - period piece novels with a what if element.

About my blog, Caution: Adults Playing:
Helpful people try so hard to make sure we grow up responsible and productive adults, that a lot of the enjoyment and refreshment we get from wonder and play is cut out of our lives exactly when we need it most – to help counteract the daily grind that's part of most grown up lives, and the accumulated disappointment that can lead to bitterness. But it's never too late to let them back in.

See for my Wubbulous writing website, the blog, and my Chromatic Daffodil Shadows.

message 21: by Luuluu (new)

Luuluu Caillouet (theharlot) | 2 comments New Author

My name is LuuLuu Caillouet. I read all types of books from science fiction to mystery to feminine sexuality and sensuality. The last book I read was The Path of the Priestess by Sharron Rose. Recently I just published my first book on Amazon titled The Harlot Speaks..The Evolution from A Whore to A Goddess. It is my sexual journey that includes how to tips and erotica. I am working on my next book that will be erotica.

Hope you have time to read and enjoy. The book will be free to download tomorrow Friday May 10, 2013 and welcome reviews and will of course review all who read mine.


message 22: by H.S. (last edited May 18, 2013 09:10AM) (new)

H.S. St.Ours (hs_stours) | 3 comments Hi everyone!

I love Goodreads and have gotten many leads of fantastic books to read from the great posts here. My young adult science fiction adventure series, Water Worlds, features strong women leads and lots of excitement. I sure hope you'll give it a try!

Young Moon

Read more about the series on the Web site:

Description of Book 1, "Young Moon":
Young Moon's father was Chinese on his mother’s side, and he could go on and on talking about the miraculous accomplishments of the great Chinese people.

He said more than once that they were among the most blessed and privileged of nations. After all, they had dozens of astronauts -- yuhangyuans -- in orbit and on the Moon, and there was a small base on Mars, too, being built by robots. Even bigger stations -- the ring cities -- were planned.

Young Moon used to get uncomfortable and wished he would lower his voice. Their walls were thin in Wonsan and school taught her that this kind of talk was treason. Teacher said the Dear Leader would know if you didn’t pay proper respect to the glories of the Homeland, and he could get very cross with you if he found out. Every screen was two-way and you never knew if someone was watching.

All she wanted was to be left alone to talk to the visions in her drawings -- visions that came to warn her of impending danger. But a chance word spoken by an angry classmate would force Young Moon’s family to flee North Korea for China, where she would witness her father set in motion a world-shaking disaster of epic proportions.

From the reviews:
5 Stars. "Gripping....could not put it down!"
5 Stars. "...highly imaginative, emotionally gripping, its images still haunt me."
5 Stars. "A Gripping Page-Turner!!!"
5 Stars. "...interesting characters and constant twists and turns."
5 Stars. "I can't wait to read more from this author."
5 Stars. "Do yourself a favor, and buy this book."

message 23: by C.J. (new)

C.J. Heck (cjheck62) | 2 comments C.J. Heck
C.J. Heck

I would like to introduce a very special author. His name is Robert S. Cosmar.

Besides being an inspiring and talented author of four books in the spiritual awareness genre, he is an astrologer, blogger, and he manages several groups at Facebook, LinkedIn and Goodreads. Robert is also my life partner.

Robert S. Cosmar
Robert S. Cosmar

Trilogy of Awareness Heart to Heart Is Where We Start by Robert S. Cosmar
Trilogy of Awareness: Heart to Heart Is Where We Start
Read a Preview:

The Magic of Love and Intimacy by Robert S. Cosmar
The Magic of Love and Intimacy
Read a Preview:

Awareness Being Fully Alive by Robert S. Cosmar
Awareness: Being Fully Alive
Read a Preview:

Big Little Book of Whispers by Robert S. Cosmar
Big Little Book of Whispers
***Goodreads Book Giveaway July 1-31:

Enter to Win 1 of 11 Autographed Copies:

Read a Preview:

message 24: by Jenn (last edited Jul 02, 2013 04:34PM) (new)

Jenn Ayers (jennifer_lynn) | 5 comments I'm Jennifer Lynn. I love a mixture of different books. I am not bias. You'll see me reading everything from bodice rippers to historical events, and even kids books (I need to keep my kids passion for the written word alive). I currently have just one book out, published on Lulu (with hopes of progressing in the future to an actual publisher). It was something I started back when I was 17 back in 1997, but never really attempted to do anything with until I tweaked it and self-published back in 2010. I write and read in any spare time I can find, on top of going to college full time to acquire a History degree (which I hope to turn into a Masters on day).

I write a mixture (all trying to put in one story) of adventure, romance, action, sometimes paranormal, fantasy, and so on. I love a strong female lead with a male lead who is worthy of standing by the female. You can find me here:

message 25: by Brittney (new)

Brittney (brittney_joy) | 2 comments Good Afternoon! I'm Brittney Joy, a general horse-crazy person and a young adult fiction writer. My first novel, Red Rock Ranch, is listed below...happy trails!

Red Rock Ranch by Brittney Joy Hendrickson

message 26: by Mike (new)

Mike Meyer I have very diverse reading tastes. I like to be thrilled, and I like to laugh. My books can be classified as love and romance, laughter and tears, thrills and fears. They all have found a nice home at Amazon:

message 27: by Elle (last edited Nov 10, 2013 01:12PM) (new)

Elle Davis | 5 comments Hi Everyone,

I am Elle Davis, Wound & Ostomy Nurse by day, and budding author by night. I just published my first y/a romance/fantasy novel, "Designed for Perfection" and am currently working on the 2nd book in the series. It's about a group of genetically engineered humans with extraordinary traits, trying to live in modern society. What makes my novel unique is that the concepts of DNA modification are introduced into my characters in a fairly realistic manner (no wings or fins)and the struggles that the characters go through represent what I believe might be the case if genetic engineering of human DNA is ever legalized. Read it and see if you agree.
I am giving away 20 paperback copies in GR giveaway which ends on 11/22/13. The book can also be purchased on e-kindle. The links are posted below.
Good luck to my fellow authors. I have worked in some of the most challenging areas of nursing (Post open heart ICU, ER) and I find writing just as challenging.

Designed for PerfectionElle Davis Designed for Perfection by Elle Davis

message 28: by C. (new)

C. Cales (scarybob) | 4 comments Greetings from C. Robert Cales, a.k.a. ScaryBob. I write paranormal thrillers and while that says a lot it doesn't say everything. Through vibrant, living characters I offer the reader an emotional bond. The reader accepts it and as they do a tiny seed of horror is planted deep in their heart. Generally that's what you can expect from me.

I'm closing in on the end of the third of my novels all of which are available as ebooks only, except…

I have some physical copies of my first novel, which is a masterpiece of the above described writing style. Would you trade some reading time and a review for a signed hardcover edition of Devil Glass? Devil Glass If the answer is yes I offer one to you, postage free with your promise to put it in the top spot on your reading list and write a review on Goodreads. It's possible that I get no responses, in which case there are no issues. If, on the other hand, I get more response than expect your request for a copy should have a date/time stamp because supply is very limited and at $6 each postage cost becomes a factor.

ScaryBob 04/04/14 @ 10:00 AM EDT.

message 29: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Ayers (jennifer_lynn) | 5 comments I'd give it a go :)

message 30: by Sam (new)

Sam (draaks) | 45 comments Robert wrote: "Greetings from C. Robert Cales, a.k.a. ScaryBob. I write paranormal thrillers and while that says a lot it doesn't say everything. Through vibrant, living characters I offer the reader an emotional..."
I would like to read your book. I leave my reviews on Goodreads, LibraryThing and Amazon.


message 31: by C. (new)

C. Cales (scarybob) | 4 comments Sam wrote: "Robert wrote: "Greetings from C. Robert Cales, a.k.a. ScaryBob. I write paranormal thrillers and while that says a lot it doesn't say everything. Through vibrant, living characters I offer the read..."

Hello Sam. Send me your address. All I ask is that you put it at the top of your reading list and write a review for Goodreads.

message 32: by Hock (last edited Aug 18, 2014 03:51PM) (new)

Hock Tjoa (hockgtjoa) | 8 comments Hi, My name is Hock and I have written (in reverse chronological order)
The Ingenious Judge Dee by Hock G. Tjoa a dramatization of various Judge Dee stories
The Chinese Spymaster by Hock G. Tjoa a completely fictional, contemporary spy-novel
Heaven Is High and the Emperor Far Away, a Play by Hock G. Tjoa a translation and adaptation of a Chinese play
and The Battle of Chibi (Red Cliffs) by Hock G. Tjoa a translation and selection from a Chinese classic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

My fifth book, Agamemnon Must Die, a retelling of the Greek trilogy, The Oresteia will be out in Oct. or Nov. It is based on Greek mythology/history.

message 33: by Suzanne (last edited Aug 19, 2014 05:32AM) (new)

Suzanne | 11 comments Hi Everyone! I'm Suzanne McKenna Link, a 'newish' independent author. My debut title is a NA love story, Saving Toby for which I've gotten some pretty amazing reviews. I am currently in the midst of writing the sequel to it, Keeping Claudia.

I have varied reading tastes, from YA to darker stuff. I’m a stickler for stories that are realistic, in the sense that the characters and their actions must feel true. Harry Potter was realistic to me because Rowling made it so by knowing her characters’ backstories and everything about Hogwarts and magic.

I have an author blog, There you’ll find the typical information about my book and writings, but I also write inspirational segments on life.

If anyone is interested in reading Saving Toby, I will be happy to exchange an ebook copy for a review. Please message me.

message 34: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Hughes | 140 comments I would love to read and review....I am currently reading for someone, but would be able to start your book this weekend, if that would help.


message 35: by R.C. (new)

R.C. Matthews (rcmatthews) | 5 comments Hi Everyone! I'm R.C. Matthews and I'm an indie author with six published books in the contemporary romance genre.

I'm a sucker for romance novels, but I especially have a sweet spot for historical romances - Dukes, Highlanders, Pirates - you name it, I love it. I also enjoy horror (Stephen King variety), suspense and fantasy stories. I read almost as much as I write and I alway write reviews for the books I read.

You can learn more about me on my website at:

If anyone is interested, both Little White Lies and Date Night are on sale now thru 11/21 for $0.99. And A Night To Remember will be free the week of 12/8.

message 36: by Varun (new)

Varun (varunsayal) | 34 comments Hello Everybody,
My Introduction:

Name: Varun Sayal
Favorite Books: The day of the jackal, Doctor Who novels, Issac Asimov Books
Favorite Genres: Science Fiction
Favorite TV shows: Altered Carbon, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Movies: Inception, Minority Report
Favorite Food: Pizza
Day Job: Manager, Data Science
Hobbies: Writing
Other: Huge fan of all of sci-fi. Very recently I gave birth to a book, so now I am a new author too. Any tips for me?

message 37: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Miranda | 44 comments Isis wrote: "Hi everybody! I am Isis Sousa, author of Art of Isis Sousa & Guests: Fantasy Digital Painting Techniques & Video Lectures [bookcover:Art of Isis Sousa & Guests: Fan..."
Anyone who likes Heavy Metal is bound to be a cool person!!

message 38: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Miranda | 44 comments Hello,

I'm Ruth Miranda, full time writer, with seven published books. One is a mystery romance novel, the other six fall into the paranormal urban fantasy genre and are series - actually companion series, as both are set in the same "universe" of Preternaturals I created. Am currently working on a paranormal fantasy trilogy involving Arthurian lore and an epic fantasy novel. I love reading fantasy, it's my fave genre, whether it is epic or urban, paranormal, etc. I'm also a food blogger.

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