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Vittoria Vetra vs. Sophie Nevue
Yasmeen Yasmeen Feb 26, 2012 06:27AM
as soon as Dan Brown spoke of Vittoria Vetra, i fell in love with her character. i didn't want it to end with her and Langdon that way, moreover, i didn't want it to end with Sophie the exact same way.
personally, i prefer Vittoria much more. what do you guys think?

Vittoria Vetra felt more powerful.

I liked Sophie's delicate, sensitive and convalescing character better, BUT I want myself to be like Vittoria. both were excellent characters nonetheless!

Vittoria Vetra, I felt that her character was much more powerful.

I'm thinking they seemed rather similar to me...I can't even really distinguish them in my head.

Sophie Neveu went out of her way to help Langdon and got herself in trouble. That is why I like her.

Vittoria Vetra.

Dont get me wrong. I loved Sophie, but I think I loved Vittoria's character a little more.

Vittoria Vetra

Can't really choose, both are uniquely amazing in their own ways~~~~

Vittoria Vetra is a stronger character in the book...but after watching the movie...damn..i started loving Sophie Neveu.... ^^

Utkarsh Kulkarni Me too!!
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I prefer Vittoria, and didnt like that Brown ended whatever was happening with Langdon that way. In the Da Vinci Code I never though that he would like her. You feel me? Idk I liked Vittorias personality

Sophie Neveu!! what a cool character "cryptographer" and I want to be that one too ^^,

I didn't really feel for Vittoria's character the way I did for Sophie's. Vittoria seemed more of a side character whereas Sophie just seemed to have a lot more presence. Of course, I read the Da Vince Code before Angels and Demons so I might be biased, but I think DVC had more of a romance than A&D did, and that's what draws me to Sophie more than Vittoria.

well, i prefer Vittoria Vetra over Sophie Nevue,there was something special about her character.

Who cares? The whole thing, like all Brown, is crap!

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Sophie is my favourite. There's just something about her I really like. I like that there was more of a friendship between her and Langdon rather than a sexual relationship. It made a nice change from most books.


SOPHIE NEVEU :]]] "Your God doesn't forgive murderers. He burns them."

CASI (last edited Feb 26, 2012 05:45PM ) Feb 26, 2012 05:44PM   0 votes
For me it's Sophie Neveu... "Blood is thicker than water". (got it?) ^^

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