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So it's nearly the end of February. How is your 2012 going so far? Any book-related surprises, disappointments, or other news? Anything personal you want to share? How's the weather been?

I'll go first, since I'm already here.

Books - Read the Millennium Trilogy at the prompting of a friend, and was surprised to find that I loved it! Also still happily working my way through the Dresden Files, but sad that I've only two left to read until the new one comes out. Currently reading Wool Omnibus Edition and really liking it!

Personal - Day 17 without a cigarette. It's not getting easier yet. Spending entirely too much time online, but it's keeping me sane. Last night I deleted 50 Facebook friends. That felt good and was long overdue. Funny the things you learn about people during an election year.

Weather - It's been warm/cold/cool/almost warm - crazy weather!

Who's next? Share as little or as much as you like. :-)

message 2: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, Resident Book Pusher (last edited Feb 23, 2012 09:28AM) (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 3289 comments Good idea, Kindle Ninja! ;-)

Personal: We're trying to decide to have children or not. It seems to be a very expensive endeavor. We're trying to create a realistic budge. Ha! >:

Also, I am doing really well on my "take my own lunch" to work. If I don't go out to buy soup'll be 8 days of lunch out of $30! That's about $3.75 per day! That's really good! Especially since I work in a really expensive area. Lunch around here typically starts at about $10. So I've saved $50!

Books: I'm forcing my way through two very well written books that am not in the mood for. The Hum and the Shiver and The Troll Hunter.

The Hum and the Shiver is a really good book - but it is a realistic fantasy that goes nowhere. It just follows lives.

The Troll Hunter is also a good book. It keeps my attention when I read it...but I find it easy to put down. This is what I said to Caleb about it (to be extra long-winded):

I think you might like it - if you're into that sort of [military] thing. The writing is really good - meaning that I don't really notice it, which works the best for me - and the story is good, too.

The problem for me is the blurb. IT doesn't really tell you that you'll spend the first HALF of the book in the military. Cause that's where I am. Now, I don't have a problem with military fiction - one of my favorite books is Starship Troopers (which I LOVED LOVED LOVED) but I wasn't expecting it.

BlueTyson (I think it was...) said it was like David Eddings. Who (if you've ever read him) has a pretty standard formula that he follows. He's almost rabid about it. His books always:

-involve a magic object...often thought to be sacred
-involve a major quest - often across the entire known (and sometimes unknown) lands - often involving specifically chosen people - that were chosen by a prophesy or a god or something like that.
-Involve God(s) taking direct action and/or giving both information, warnings and advice
-Has a "wise sage" who travels with the group. This person is usually a magic wielder, has lived hundreds - thousands of years, and already has a reputation with the bad guys.
-Has magic. Lots of magic.
-Has a military campaign to stop the bad guys, being led by the original small group that travels across the globe.

I've read at least 21-22 of Eddings books...and all of them have this happening.

And this book has none of the things mentioned above. At least, not yet. And I'm 1/2 way through.

But not to put this book down - I just don't know if he's reaching his target audience.

message 3: by HomeInMyShoes (new)

HomeInMyShoes | 2619 comments Books: John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row is brilliant. Brilliant. Did I say brilliant?

I’m way ahead of pace for almost every challenge I have (both advertised and not):

Letters: 13/26
Decades: 8/13
Books: 15/50
Pages: 4,901 / 14,987

Given how much I’ve read, it should be the end of April now. I’m looking forward to getting into a little more fun material soon. Not that what I’ve read hasn’t been fun, but there’s a few tough reads in there. Soul Mountain, The Guide, The Silent Cry.

Personal: I have a two-year old. I have no financial advice for MrsJoseph. He’s cutting into my reading time, unless I can count reading him books before bed. In which case my statistics are:

Letters: 15/26
Decades: 8/13
Books: 374 / 50
Pages: 12,873 / 14,987

Which would lead me to my advice to MrsJoseph: if you don't appreciate re-reads, don't have a child.

Weather: It’ll be Spring soon and there’s only been about two weeks of Winter. Most days have been around -5C to +3C. For a place where the average daytime high in January is -14C I can’t complain. Stupid icy sidewalks. Okay, I can complain.

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@Loosheesh - I totally know what you mean about groups. I unjoined most groups I'm in for the same reason, plus my OCD tendencies make me feel like I have to keep up with what's going on. Our group here is perfect for me.

Yeah, I had over 180 FB friends. And believe it or not, all but a few are people I actually know in real life. A lot of the ones I deleted are people I went to school with, and a few of my cousins. I'm over the concept of obligatory friending. And some of them were just annoying the hell out of me.

message 5: by Nyssa, Series Addict (last edited Feb 23, 2012 02:30PM) (new)

Nyssa | 1228 comments Fantastic idea Christa! :)

Books: I'm reconsidering my dedication to the MR & Literary book clubs. They just don't feel "good" anymore. I'm hoping its just residual effects from all of the "politicking" at the end of last year, but there are presences there that really rub me the wrong way.

I had an unintended 2 week hiatus from reading, but I think/hope its over now. Book clubs aside, I do think I can get my reading back on track.

Personal: I've been substitute teaching for a month and a half now, and I like it, however, it is much more tiring than I was expecting. I see why some subs viewed it as a "babysitting" job, because there are days when trying to actually teach feels impossible. I, however, can not in my heart of hearts do that to the kids, so I try my best to follow the lesson plans left for me and/or fill in the blanks when necessary. Thankfully the media specialist that I still volunteer for, when not subbing, has agreed to help me make a "sub bag" for those last minute, no plans, jobs.

Unasked for advise: :)MrsJ., as a mom of 3 children (which includes a set of "surprise" twins -we wanted a 2nd child, but was surprised when we learned we'd also have a 3rd), I can tell you that there will never be "enough" money. :D

Facebook: I've been considering spring cleaning, as I'm not really as close to some of my old friends as I thought I'd be once we reconnected. I have a few obligatory, "family friendships", as well.

message 6: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, Resident Book Pusher (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 3289 comments Nyssa wrote: "Unasked for advise: :)MrsJ., as a mom of 3 children (which includes a set of "surprise" twins -we wanted a 2nd child, but was surprised when we learned we'd also have a 3rd), I can tell you that there will never be "enough" money. :D"

And that's what I'm scared of, lol. How can I support my book habit if all my money goes to kids? For some strange reason I don't think I can add books to my job expense account...

Loosheesh wrote: "My husband and I are in the early stages of something we said we'd never do again: acquire property to build another house! We're now settled on the qu..."

You know, our house is waaay too big if we decide not to have kids. Way too big. We'd sell and move back to civilization the city.

Homeinmyshoes wrote:Which would lead me to my advice to MrsJoseph: if you don't appreciate re-reads, don't have a child. "

O_O That...scares me just as much as not having any money. OMG.

message 7: by Bianca (new)

Bianca van Willigenburg (biancavw) | 1446 comments Books
Last year I read 30,000 pages or more (many Kindle and eBooks haven't got a page number listed). Because this year I wasn't going to really participate in the challenge, just record how much books and pages I read I set my goal for 10,000 pages. I'm almost halfway to to that goal already so I upped it to 25,000 pages.

My blood has been approved so I can start donating. From today I have two weeks to go to the clinic so I'll go by some time next week. Losing weight isn't going to plan, after the insane Christmas period I just couldn't go back to my 1 snack a day policy. In the last week I've been trying harder again. An affordable gym has opened nearby so I'm thinking of joining. I don't want to join classes (yet) because I'm not fit enough to keep up but I'd like to work out on the machines.

I have some friends on Facebook but, like Twitter, I mostly use it to keep up with news of favourite programs, authors, companies, etc.

message 8: by HomeInMyShoes (new)

HomeInMyShoes | 2619 comments MrsJoseph wrote: "O_O That...scares me...

It's not all bad. I don't actually tire of the stories. Okay, there have been a few. Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go had to disappear for a while. :)

message 9: by Nyssa, Series Addict (new)

Nyssa | 1228 comments Homeinmyshoes wrote: "MrsJoseph wrote: "O_O That...scares me...

It's not all bad. I don't actually tire of the stories. Okay, there have been a few. Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go had to disappear ..."

My eldest loved, loved, loved that book. Thankfully, he had as much fun looking at the pictures as he did my reading it, so it wasn't too bad. He then learned to read it himself. and wore it out. LOL

message 10: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Gaiser I'm going to *try* to keep up with things here on Goodreads (along with MobileReads, LibraryThing, my email, work, etc) and get some serious reading done this year.

I've just updated all my READ listing with all the books I've finished since the first of the year and added myself to Goodreads 2012 Challenge.

I'm actually ahead for 2012, but I don't know it I can keep the pace up. I've got a bunch of Epic Fantasies I want to read.

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