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Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
We started this roleplay over the weekend and it's based off of these roleplays~ So Imma post it here~

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Jace walked around the Fairy Woods, holding his sword close. He’d been here plenty, and he knew that he needed to keep his belongings close.

Syria carefully treaded the forest as she looked for a place to stay the night.

Jace the crack of a twig being stepped on and his head whipped around, studying the darkness. After sleeping hours, he’d let all of his anger out and kill about anything within a 25 foot radius.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria had no knowledge of anyone else in the woods after hour, because of the danger that lurked deep within the trees and brush. Yet she kept her guard up, and made sure that she had an arrow close at hand.

Jace felt a growl, low in his throat. “Where are you? Bastard.” He had been determined to be the one to kill Yoru. He had never felt so much hatred for anyone of anything before. Not even the Eternal Darkness.

Syria paused, looking around. She could have sworn that she had heard something… Her eyes went from tree to tree, then to the glowing moss at her feet. It was more than likely her imagination.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Jace was still until he felt something on his shoulder and warm breath in his ear. “Hi Jacey boy~” Yoru murmured seductively in his son’s ear. Jace spun around and held out his sword, a fanged sneer on his face. “When’d you decide to show up, Jackass?”
“That’s no way to talk to your father. You’ll have to be punished severely.”

Syria started moving again. One of the living Trees caught her by the ankle and pulled her up into the air. She shrieked and tried to use the arrow that she was holding to get out of its fierce grip. “LET GO!” She snarled as she stabbed it repeatedly.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Jace had yelled at the same time as Yoru had him on the ground, holding his hands over his head. “LET GO FILTHY JACKASS! LET ME GO!”
“I don’t think so Jacey boy~” He took Jace’s small knife and drew it along his side. Jace made a muffled sound of pain.

The trees came alive with the scent of blood permeating the forest. Their vines and roots crept over to where the source of the blood was. They were all searching for the same thing. Nourishment.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria struggled against the strength of the branches that held onto her. Summoning up the strength that she had, she caused a blast of Ice to fly in every which way direction, causing her to come loose. Stray Ice spears struck where Yoru and Jace were.

Yoru snickered at the small slivers of Ice that stuck into his cheek. He drew more gashes into Jace’s chest and sides, watching the roots crawl over the crimson red that was spilling out of the boy.
Jace struggled to get Yoru off his chest to get up and run, but it was a futile effort. He laid there and bled, trying to think of a way to survive. All of his predatory instincts kicked in, but he couldn’t break the hold that Yoru had on his hands.

Syria started to run away from the branches and vines that were closing in on her quickly. She stumbled through the forest into a clearing, where she caught a strong scent of blood. And not that of an animal. She bit her tongue, drawing blood on purpose so that she didn’t leap at the one who was bleeding. All of her senses were on hyper drive from the adrenalin and the urge to feed. She stopped moving, and then looked around the clearing.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Jace relaxed and closed his eyes. Yoru frowned and let go of his hands, taking his chin and his knife. “You’re not giving up so soon are you?”
Jace smirked and pushed Yoru off him, taking his swords and slashing at him a bit.

Syria groaned softly, covering her nose, but it didn’t work. Her feet were already headed to the scent of the blood, and very quickly at that. Her fangs elongated in her mouth and she tried her best not to go any further. Syria’s heart raced and she swore that it could be heard at least a mile away.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Yoru heard something behind him and saw a WOMAN. He hissed and disappeared. Jace gave a small smile at the girl. “Seems like he was the least of my troubles…” He knew by the way the girl had her nose plugged that she was hungry. “Do you mind helping me? It seems I’ve got dirt in my wounds…will you clean them?”

Syria wasn’t surprised to see so much blood, because of how strong the scent was, but the situation was on the stranger side of the moon. Keeping her nose covered, she spoke. “Yeah…I can.”

He took off his tattered shirt. “Thanks.” He figured if he gave her blood, maybe he could get some in return.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She felt heat start to rise in her face, but she suppressed it with the sheer force of her will. Damn….would you look at that… Biting her tongue again, she walked over to him and conjured up some water from the air with her powers. “This is going to be a bit chilly…”

“I’ve been through worse. I’ll tell you that now.” He said calmly. “But, I was more talking about I’ll give you blood if you give me some, but actually cleaning the wounds wouldn’t hurt…”

“I kind of figured that…” She said, “But cleaning the wounds would be the best precaution to take before anything else. We are still, as you probably know, able to accumulate infections.” She proceeded to wash his wounds gently. She cleaned them thoroughly and then dressed them with the spare bandages that she carried.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He shrugged, “I’ve had to drink contaminated blood before.” He shuddered. The thought of his mom lying dead on the floor in a pool of red killed him inside. The memories of her sweet, yet dirty blood on his tongue and stained on his lips stabbed him in the chest. He began to shiver, but not because of the chilled water. That was the day his father had gone insane.

Syria looked him over as she finished dressing his wounds. As he started to shiver she frowned. “Bad Memories?” She asked in a knowing tone. She too had those moments.

“Well, I see my life as a bad memory, so I guess it could be the worst of them.” He said, clearing his head as the shivers died off. “The man that disappeared once he saw you… That’s my dad. We obviously don’t have the best relationship…”

“I would imagine…if he was doing something like that to you…” She sighed. “I feel like I’m being very nosey…. Sorry…”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“No, I don’t mind…Sometimes I talk to inanimate objects to try to cope, but talking to another person helps a lot better.” He said with a small smile. “I’m Jace by the way.”

“Syria…my name’s…Syria…” She said quietly, returning the smile.

He smiled. “What a unique name…” He seemed sad for a moment, but looked at her and smiled.

She blushed lightly, unable to hold it back. “Th-thanks…”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He smiled. “Welcome.” He said. “So, do you need a place to stay? I have a house down in Tirierrah, and I can’t use the bed…so it’s been untouched.”

Syria blinked and thought for a moment. “…um…okay…” She said, still a bit unsure, but it was definitely better than having to stay awake all of the sleeping hours trying to stay alive.

He smiled, “Heh, I didn’t mean to make that sound creepy or anything…just trying to be nice.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s okay.” She smiled at him. “I’m just unaccustomed to such kindness. I’ve kinda been living out her for the majority of my life.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Pfft, that must suck. Stay at my place as long as you want or need. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than out here.”

“Yeah, living out here alone for two and a half centuries really does suck.” She gave him a gentle smile. “Thank you Jace.”

He gave her a flashy smile back. “Welcome~ C’mon, let’s get outta here. The roots are kinda creeping me out, and that’s not easy to do…”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She nodded and walked over to him. “Hate those damned living- GAH!” She yelped, jumping into Jace’s arms as a root had gotten her backside. She sneered. “Perverted root!” >:[

Jace laughed as he held her, breaking the root telepathically. He walked out of the woods and headed for Tirierrah.

“That perverted root touched my ass….” >:[She grumbled as he carried her, then she realized something. “Oh yeah…I have legs~ I can walk~”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He laughed, “Heh, sorry.” He set her down gently. “We’re almost there anyways.”

She nodded, “I can see the city from here.”

After arriving in Tirierrah, Jace stood in front of a small house, dug out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, then held it open for Syria.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria smiled at him and walked inside. Looking around a bit, she assessed her surroundings.

Jace ran his fingers through his hair and scratched his head. “It’s not that big…” he said, “But it’s comfy.” The couch in the middle of the room had a few blankets and pillows on it, saying that Jace wasn’t lying about the bed.

Syria nodded. “It’s very quaint.” She said and smiled at him. “Definitely better than the woods.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“So uh, bedroom’s down at the end of that hall, bathroom’s the second door to the right and the TV’s by meh couch.” He said.

She smiled, “Thanks.” She said, “So can I use the shower really quick…?” She asked, a bit unsure of what to do.

“Oh, yeah. There are towels in there. Just in the cabinet by the toilet.” He said going down the hall. “I’m going to put on a shirt so you don’t have to watch me walk around the house half naked.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She shrugged and walked to the bathroom, “Never bothered me.”
“What?” He asked. He had heard her, he just wanted to hear her say it again.

“Said it never bothered me.” She explained as she walked into the bathroom.

He gave a laugh. “Okay, good. Cause I usually stay shirtless most of the time.” He threw the blood stained and shredded shirt away, flipped his hair and went to go watch TV.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria smiled and closed the bathroom door, looking at herself in the mirror she frowned, her white hair was nearly a brunette, gross, and she looked like she’s been living in dirt. “I think this is going to be a longer shower than anticipated…” She said to herself, as she turned on the fan and then the water.

Jace got comfortable on the couch and turned on the TV. His eyes strayed from the TV to the small picture frame that was sitting on the glass coffee table. He picked it up and stared at it. It showed Jace and a pregnant blonde. His mouth twitched upward in a sad smile. “Oh Kaiya…” He murmured to the picture.

Syria hummed a familiar tune as she scrubbed almost violently at her dirt matted hair.

Jace put the picture down and smiled as he picked up another picture of them plus Lilli and Mary. He sighed and rubbed his eye to make sure he wasn’t crying already.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
About 20 minutes of intense hair scrubbing later, Syria was satisfied with the results she had reached. Her platinum blonde hair was back to normal and she was squeaky clean. She shut the water off and wrapped a towel around herself. Then looked at her clothes, “…….God dammit.”

Jace stared at the picture a little longer before picking up the next one. This one was of Kaiya, her hand on her big belly and smiling. He felt a tear drop down the right of his face. He wiped it off.

Syria groaned and opened the door slowly, peeking out of the bathroom.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Jace saw her out of the corner of his eye. He set the picture down and looked at her. “Yeah?” He asked, and then a sly smile crossed his face. “No clothes?”

She blushed brightly, shrinking back a little bit and shook her head a couple of times.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“I have a few pairs of extra girl clothes in my closet. I promise that they’re clean.” He said, not sure whether he wanted to get her out of the bathroom and put clothes on her or get her out of the bathroom and keep her clothes off. She blinked once and then nodded. “Umm….okay….” She said, wrapping the towel around her better and walked out of the bathroom. Her hair was back to its original platinum blonde color and her skin was paler than before. All the dirt had covered her true complexion.

He got up and couldn’t help but look over her as he passed. “I understand the tree rot now.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Hey!” She frowned, giving him a sideways glare. “Don’t you be turning into one of those nasty Living Trees now.”

He chuckled, “I think I’m worse than the trees.” He said. “C’mere, what do you want to wear?”

“I dunno.” She said, walking into the room to look at the clothes.

There was a closet full. “I promise I’ve never worn any of these.” He said with a small smile. “They’re…someone else’s, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you borrowed them.” He said with an absolute zero smile.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She blushed lightly. “And you’re positive?” She asked, making sure. “That they won’t mind I mean.”

He looked at her with sad eyes. “I’m sure that is she were here she would let you…” He felt his throat close up as he refrained from tears.

She realized what he meant. “Jace…I’m so sorry…”

He shook his head. “It…It’s fine.” He scratched the back of his neck, heading for the door. “Just…take whatever you need.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Alright…” She said. Sighing, she looked around the room. The bed was as he had said, untouched. She walked over to the closet and looked inside, going through the clothes carefully.

Jace lay down on the couch and took a picture from behind the pillow that his head rested on.

Syria looked through the clothes until she found something that she liked and put it on. It fit, thank goodness.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He inspected the picture thoroughly, as he usually did, and then wiped off the fuzz that came off of the pillow.

Syria pulled her hair back into a high ponytail and walked out into the front room, where Jace was. “Whatcha doing?”

He looked up and almost choked on his spit. “Nothing…” He managed, putting the picture on the table. A wave of hidden pain washed over him. “Just…looking at pictures…”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Huh…” She walked over to him. “Can I see? If you don’t want me too, that’s okay too.”

“No, you can. I don’t mind.” He said, patting the spot next to him.

Syria smiled and walked over, sitting on the couch. She picked up one of the frames and studied it carefully. In the picture, Jace was standing with his arm wrapped around the waist of a gorgeous, and very pregnant, blonde. She was tall and looked to be about in the late 8th month or early 9th. But she could be wrong. As she studied it more and more, she kept thinking that very familiar. “…” She studied it more. “Were you married to her?” She asked carefully. Syria was still unable to shake the feeling that she had known or knew the woman in the picture.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Almost. It was about 3 months until our wedding…” He said with a small sad smile.

“Oh my gosh…Dare I ask what happened?”

He swallowed. “Well…” He tried to put it in a not-so-violent way. He looked at the picture and sighed. “My father… He made me watch her and my child inside her be burned alive…” He had to look the other way and hold his breath to keep from bawling like a baby.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria felt like she was going to cry. That was a terrible thing to do. How could anyone, anyone at all, be so evil as to do that to their own child. Syria could see the pain that he went through. Latching onto his back, she spoke in a shaky voice. “Jace…I am so sorry…the two of you never deserved it.”

“The same thing happened to my sister and my niece…that’s why I’m going to be the one to kill Yoru.”

“You’re talking about the man who was attacking you?” She asked. How could ANYONE do anything so horrid and cruel. “You’ve lost so much, Jace… I’m surprised that you have been moving forward with your life so smoothly.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Smoothly? I cry like a baby every time I see these…and that’s pretty much every day.” He said. He didn’t dare tell Syria about his bloodlust during the sleeping hours, in fear of scaring her away. He liked having someone to talk to.

She shook her head. “If I were in your position, I’d do the same thing. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

He nodded solemnly and then his stomach growled and he blushed a bit. “Hehe, sorry, I’m not used to having someone here, and you’ve got a little cut.” He thumbed her cheek over a small cut.

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She touched her cheek gently. “…When did that happen…? I’m sorry…”

“Nah, it’s not your fault.” He said. He was really hungry, but he wasn’t going to make a move unless she let him.

Syria looked as if she were trying to read his face like a book. She gave him a small smile and nodded, tilting her head to the side a bit.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He felt a little guilty, but brought his face close to her neck and scraped his teeth against it before biting into her vein.

Syria sucked in her breath as his fangs pierced her skin.

Her sweet blood filled his mouth and slid down his throat and it was all he could do to not suck her dry. Her blood tasted like Kaiya’s and his chest felt heavy. He was hungry now, and not just for blood.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She tilted her head more, opening up to increase the flow of blood. She bit her tongue as she felt her own fangs elongate in her mouth.

He put one hand on the back of the couch, keeping himself controlled, at least for the moment. He tilted his head a bit, as if knowing she was hungry as well.

She blushed lightly, looking down at his neck. Was it really okay? She asked herself.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He smiled. “Don’t be nervous.” He muttered against her neck.

She leaned down and slowly sunk her fangs into the vein at his neck. She let the warm liquid slide over her tongue and down her throat.

He held back a groan. Syria reminded him so much of Kaiya. He put a hand on her shoulder, gripping it lightly.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She blushed as she drank from his vein. Everything felt so familiar to her and she didn’t know why.

He ‘accidently’ pushed her lightly down on the couch. Jace kissed her neck gently.

She blushed lightly, feeling her chest tighten and she got butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

He growled against the spot he had bit into and held her hips. He felt himself get a little harder.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria looked up at him with those familiar looking eyes, nothing in them protested anything that he was trying to initiate with her.

“Syria…?” He asked permission.

She gave him a small smile and she nodded slightly.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He kissed her sternum and took her shirt off.

She moaned softly, lifting up her arms so he could remover the article of clothing.

He smiled against her neck, then looped his slender fingers though the belt loops and pulled her pants off her body.

Syria lifted up her hips so that the pants came off easily. She gave him a mischievous smile.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He unlatched her bra, holding her back so his chest was pressed to hers.

She moaned softly as he held her close. Syria arched her back to meet his chest.

He took of her underwear and slipped into her, reaching down and petting the small sensitive bud as he slowly rocked his hips against her own.

She shivered and moaned softly, waves of pleasure hit her as he stroked.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He scraped his sharp teeth on her chest, drawing blood and seductively licking them, slowly as he held her hips down on the couch. He hadn’t had a woman’s touch in so long, and his appetite was on the same levels of his father’s.

Syria sucked in her breath and moaned softly.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Say my name.” Jace commanded softly, taking a small fist of her hair gently. He would not allow himself to go all out tonight. No, he would save it for later, he decided, once they knew each other better.

Syria moaned softly, “Jace…” She managed quietly, the word was like a whisper on her lips.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Scream it.” He demanded, pulling away slowly as a threat. He really wasn’t meaning to be too rough.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“No, Jace~ don’t do that~” She said, responding to his threat.

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Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“Then yell it. I want to hear my name echo through my house. Please, Kaiya…” he muttered against her neck, not realizing that he had said his fiancé’s name.

Syria paused for a millisecond, realizing what he had said, but it didn’t bother her much, because her middle name was Kaiya and all. She grinned slightly, “I’ll give you it this time Jace, but the next you are going to have to work for it~” She teased.

"What'd I do?" He groaned. He wasn't going to proceed until he got what he wanted.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Syria grinned. "Oh nothing~ I'll tell you later~" She said right before giving him what he wanted.

He shivered at the sound of his name rolling out of her mouth. “Beautiful…” He drove deeper into her than he had been before. He groaned in pleasure quietly.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She moaned as he moved his hips, going deeper into her. She arched her hips and back as she splayed her hands on Jace’s chest.

Jace closed his eyes and groaned again, holding one of her hands against his chest. He needed her hand on him. “Say you are mine.”

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
Moaning again, she spoke. “I am yours.”

“Do you love me?” He asked seductively.

She smiled at him and looked him in the eyes, “I will.”

He blinked, slowly moving his hips against hers, “Does that mean you do not love me now…?” He asked.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“We have only just met, but I can feel a bond. If it is love…I cannot tell, because I haven't been in it myself.” She said in a quiet voice. Syria felt the rocking of his hips and matched him, moaning softly.

“You’ve never been in love before…?” He asked gently. “I’ll be the first to tell you then. Love is a very wonderful feeling, like being warm all the time, and it is the small light that we are allowed to have in this world damned to darkness.” He said in a sweetly poetic way.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
“That is a wonderful feeling that you have described.” She smiled, looking up at him. “I’m positive, that if I fall in love, I want it to be with you and it will.”

He gave a sad smile. “You remind me so much of Kaiya, if you don’t mind me saying…” He murmured, lowering his head so that his lips so they were against hers. “She told me the same thing.” He kissed her gently and then pulled back.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
She blushed lightly, gazing up into his eyes. “Is that so?” She asked quietly.

He nodded, coming out of her, just wanting to hold her now that his lust had been satisfied.

Syria smiled and snuggled into his arms.

Winter Rose Phantom | 946 comments Mod
He scooped her up and lay back so they were laying their heads on his pillow. “I’m going to need to take a shower. You can stay out here and wait for me or go lay in the bed…” He murmured to her temple.

“I can wait~” She said with a smile, not really wanting to sleep alone.

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