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message 1: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4048 comments One of my favorite features on goodreads is the listopia and I was surprised to notice there is not one for best UF heroine and to fill this terrible void I need help :-)

Here is a partial list if you have any suggestions let me know and I will list them with the first book on the series. I will post the link when we have about 25 I guess, then we can vote.

Anita Blake
Rachel Morgan
Kate Danieils
Mercy Thompason
Anna STrong
Cassandra Palmer
Sookie Stackhouse
October Daye
Kitty Norville
Jane Yellowrock
Jane True

Nichole ~Bookaholic~ (nicholebookaholic) | 672 comments Charlie Davidson
Riley Jensen
Sabina Kane
Nix de la Fuente (Warriors of the Rift...)

message 3: by Joseph (last edited Feb 21, 2012 10:46AM) (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 204 comments Elena Michaels Bitten
The D'Artigo sisters: Camille, Menolly, & Delilah Witchling
Joanne Walker Urban Shaman
Merit Some Girls Bite
Jane Jameson Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
Bonnie Torres Hard Magic
Delilah Street Dancing With Werewolves
Esther Diamond Disappearing Nightly

message 4: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4048 comments Great thanks!!!

message 5: by Jill (new)

Jill | 111 comments Aisling grey? Don't know if she counts.
Also xhex from bdb is one kick ass chick
Harper connelly
Janet from the stormwalker series
Mackenzie Lane fever series

message 6: by Jill (new)

Jill | 111 comments Also people might disagree but Eugenie storm born richelle mead
Elena guild hunter series by nalini Singh

message 7: by Sonia (last edited Feb 22, 2012 09:38AM) (new)

Sonia (darktalynn) I'm partial to Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy - I know is YA but she's 18 in the last 2 books

Edited because I forgot

Alex Craft - Grave Witch
Jayné Heller - Unclean Spirits
Kita Nekai - Once Bitten
Joanne Baldwin - Weather Warden Series

message 8: by Dawn, Desperately seeking new worlds (new)

Dawn (dawnv) | 4048 comments Not sure if I did this right but I think I have all the books :-)


message 9: by Sandra, Need more time to Read!! (new)

Sandra | 4464 comments Looks excellent Dawn, you did a great job.

I voted! Yay!

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