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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Wizards, warriors, etc with a stone behind their heart] [s]

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Ls | 11 comments I can't remember the titles or author of a book series I read once. The first book is about a teenage boy who believes he has a heart condition that requires medication. When he forgets to take his medicine he expects to feel sick but feels great instead so he decides not to take his medicine. It turns out the medicine is to suppress his "magic". He was born a wizard without a stone and when his aunt asked for help another wizard double crosses her and puts a warrior's stone in him. The wizarding clans look for warriors to use as a champion in a battle to the death. Whichever clan sponsors the winning warrior gains leadership over the magic users until another warrior can be found and a new challenge made. I could go on but that should be enough info.

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Cecily | 1 comments Yep its the warrior heir

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Ls | 11 comments cool thanks peeps

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