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I havn't read this book, and I don't really want to bad mouth it for that reason. I'm all for giving it a chance, but the plot sounds almost identical to Dresden Files 4: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher.
Does anybody else think so?

Hallie I've read both, though it's been a while now, and I don't see that many similarities, really, except for the urban fantasy with detective-element.

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Marcia I've read all the Dresden books and all the Toby Daye (Rosemary & Rue) books, and love both series for completely different reasons. Toby's world is largely focused on the Fae, and not just in a passing way, or as part of the tale. They are really central to each book, and their political structure is well thought out and intriguing.

The books keep getting better, and I'm very eager to read the next in the installment. The writing is above average, the characters are very interesting, and I'd recommend the series to anyone who likes urban fantasy.

Call me crazy, but Tybalt, the King of the Cats, is my kinda supe!


Laura While I haven't read any of the Dresden books, I have to agree with Marcia.

Tybalt, the King of the Cats, is my kinda supe!

Ruth I love her descriptions of the fragrance of different folks' magic. Love these books! Go Tybalt!

Alaska Loved these books--I read them in one weekend. I love the Dresden books and they are different set of books altogether...

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I will have to give them a chance.
I just thought because the whol summer knight being murdered thing and how the winter faerie queen to investigate the death and clear her name and stuff.

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Marcia Well, Dresden's world does deal with the Fae from time to time, but Toby's world REVOLVES around the Fae, to include complicated politics, madness, Celtic legends, all sorts of stuff. There are always some similarities in urban fantasy, I guess, but I don't think of Toby Daye's story as being very much like Harry Dresden's at all. I wouldn't give up either one, though The Dresden Files books are probably my very favorite Urban Fantasy series of all times. But Toby will pull you in, for sure.

What have you got to lose? If you aren't hooked by the end of one or two books, you can always move on.

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Well i've kinda given up o dresden files. I got to the end of dead beat and i just felt my attention wandering off. I will probably pick them up again at some point but for now i'm reading the hunger games and even attempting to write my own book.
will give the toby daye books a chance though

Marcia Oh, Dresden gets better and better and better. The last two books knocked my sox off! Hope you get back to them someday.

Hunger Games were very engrossing. Good luck with writing your own book.

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Just finished reading the hunger games again. mockingjay wasnt my favourite but after the second read, it was pretty powerful stuff. and thanks :) I have a couple of decent ideas in my head but trying to commit them to paper or computer is difficult as well as trying to order everything and set up the dominos :)

Casceil The author of the Toby books, Seanan McGuire, has a new urban fantasy series that debuted in March with "Discount Armageddon." Give it a try.

Marcia Casceil: I have read it, and LOVED it. I thought it was hilarious. The Aeslin mice, alone, were worth the cost of the book. It's a fun read.

Stephanie Bolen I like Harry, not so much Toby. Harry isn't burned out and cynical like Toby. She reminds me of Eeyore, why bother. I didn't feel anything for her.

Cindi Keep going, Stephanie, she grows emotionally thruout the series. I just finished the latest one and she has hit mock speed. Of course, I loved this series from the get go ;)

Casceil, THANK YOU so much for letting us know about the new stuff! I did not know ...

Elentarri They are completely different stories. :)

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