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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA Book, two teens struggle with the deaths of two strangers

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Olivia (oliviaiannone) | 4 comments This book began in winter and was from the POV of a female protagonist. She is walking through a park with a frozen lake. Sometime later, she finds that a couple she has never met died from falling through the frozen lake. She copes by meeting a boy who had also been indirectly involved in the deaths. He is younger than her and she often refers to him as "jailbait," after they have a sexual encounter to cope. I remember the one scene after they had had sex and his parents came home or something--his shirt was on inside-out. This has been driving me crazy for a while now!

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Olivia (oliviaiannone) | 4 comments Bumping this! I still haven't figured it out... One of them owns a cat if that helps. Haha.

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Rainbowheart | 15786 comments This is marked Solved, but no confirmation from OP?

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Olivia, we notice your request is marked Solved. What's the title and author?

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A reviewer wrote about "Just Like That":

"Hanna comes across two couples on her midnight walk by the lake in her neighborhood. The first is a couple skiing and they warn her not to go out on the lake because although it is winter in Minnesota the ice is thin in some places. The second couple rides by on an ATV and they are laughing, celebrating their one year anniversary. They stop by and briefly talk to Hanna. And though she knows she should tell them not to ride on the lake, she doesn’t. Instead she lets them drive off and then she gets up and walks home. The next morning she finds out that the couple died. The ATV crashed through the ice and they were killed. Hanna is overcome by grief and guilt and cannot bring herself to talk to anyone about what happened. Until she meets Will, a boy who has secrets of his own."

Another review mentions the protagonist had sex with a minor.

The Kirkus review notes she is 18 and:

"She meets Will, the boy who found the bodies, and the two develop an instant attraction. On learning that Will is only 14, she tries to break off the relationship, only to become involved with Will’s famous family."

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Rainbowheart | 15786 comments That's got to be the right one then. The Google snippet view also shows that she refers to him as "jailbait" and there's a scene where he puts on his shirt backwards when the parents come home early.

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