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Was it wrong for Tally to start a relationship with Shay's boyfriend David?
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I thought that Tally should have respected Shay's feelings a little more and thought about how hurt she would be but then again, you can't just sit around and wait for somebody to give you permission to be with the one you love. It didn't seem like David really liked Shay anyway...

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Is that a rethoric question? Of course she should have! Here's one of the absurdisms of this book.
"I'll tell him tonight that i have someone else. You're my friend Shay!" But,'s so cool that he likes me! Why would i tell him to stop, when he could continue making me compliments. And...I'm prittier than Shay, right?"
Yeah, Tally's quite the friend.
Don't let me get started on the whole "love story" and its ridiculousness. -.-

No, it was not wrong. End of story, at least for me. [^].[^]

David wasn't Shay's boyfriend she just kinda liked him. And the rule is if your not dating him then its okay for your friend to.

It is hard to say because I think it depends on opinion. I think it was fair that Tally did that because shay wasn't really with David, but did have a crush on him. It is okay because David loved Tally.

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Tally did bother me, for sure, but her selfishness made sense to me. I didn't get to see much of the relationship between David and Shay, either. I'd have to see more to decide who was right for whom.

And was it wrong? A bit, yeah. It's nothing like most of the cheating scandals you hear about these days, but it was rather insensitive of Tally.

First, Shay and David were never together. And Tally didn't actively seek it out. She didn't say, Oh, Shay likes him, so Imma go out with him. Their relationship just sort of... happened. And it seemed totally natural. I think she even considered not having anything to do with David because Shay liked him.

From what I could tell, Shay and David didn't have much going on between them. They didn't seem like they were together. Also, David obviously didn't mind starting a new relationship with Tally so he couldn't have been extremely "in love" with Shay.

No, I don't think it was wrong. I didn't even think Shay and David were together. Maybe Shay had a little crush, but it deffinitly didn't seem like they were together. So, no I don't think it was wrong of Tally. It's not her fault they fell for eachother.

yes because she knew that shay was in love with david but i still love tally and david together

I think Tally didn't do anything wrong. She just fell in love with someone who her friend just happened to be going out with, it wasn't her fault. Anyway, I don't think Shay was in love with David like Tally was, it just sounded like a little crush to me, not a real relationship. I have a friend like that - she goes out with anyone who she had even the tiniest bit of a crush on and ends up going out with half the class in a year.
Anyway, back to Tally and Shay. I think Tally wasn't in the wrong in that perticular situation but in general she is a horrible and selfish character, so if I was Shay I wouldn't have been friends with Tally even if she hadn't sort of stolen my boyfriend.

Shay was not actually going out with David, but by "going behind her back" and being secretive/sneaky about liking David and kissing him, it made it seem like she thought she was doing something wrong and was still doing it. Now, I think that since Shay and David were not dating, it's okay if Tally dates him, but she ought to expect that it will create problems between her and Shay. If she wanted to stay complete friends with Shay, then yes, dating David was going to mess that up. But if Shay was going to date David, she should have instead of holding some sort of "I like him; he's mine even though he doesn't like me back" over everyone's head. You can't reserve someone to date! It was David's/Tally's choice to be in a relationship, and Shay doesn't have a say. But Tally should have known that Shay would be angry and Tally shouldn't have acted like she was doing something wrong- it just made her look guilty.

First of all, in the didn't mention that Shay and David are in relationship, as i remember (correct me if i am wrong) Shay is in love with David, but David is not. He only treat Shay as a friend. And i think the friendship itself is what the reason of Tally (friendship bet. Tally & Shay)to hesitate on pursuing her feelings to David...:)

The whole relationship thing between David and Tally was entirely unrealistic. Also, Tally was a complete buffoon and never even stopped to consider Shay's feelings. Even if you're in love with some guy, if one of your friends has been in a relationship with him or if you know she likes him... TALK TO HER ABOUT IT BEFORE SMOOCHING THE GUY'S FACE OFF. Don't randomly smooch a guy's face off at all, actually. It's stupid.

...unless he's your hubby; then it's different.

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no it wasn't david and shay never really had a thing just shay kind of had a school girl crush david chose to give her the gloves not shay she didn't mess with shay

In the Uglies I didnt like Tally very much. I thought she was annoying and did some stupid things. Throughtout the books I like her more though. I think she shouldve lied to Shay about her and David because that was wrong of her.

Although I don't think Shay and David actually were together (David seemed to suggest it was entirely one-sided), it was still wrong of Tally to go out with someone her best friend had feelings for...

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I found Tally quite selfish throughout the books, and it kind of ruined the series for me. I really like the creativeness and ideas of the author, but Tally is truly an awful friend. First, she betrays Shay to become pretty, then she steals David from her. And, in the second book, she didn't even like David anymore, picking Zane (I really liked Zane). She gives a pill for the pretty cure to him instead (even though it nearly killed him, she really should have thought of her best friend first). And lastly, although Shay forgives her over and over again, she picked to go after Zane instead of stick with her friend.

I couldnt even get that far in the book. I thought it kinda sucked. Should I try again?

Jeanette Don't try it again. You'll waste precious hours of your life slogging through that drivel. ...more
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Marlene I liked the first book well enough, but the second one was basically just a repeat of the first book. I prefer Westerfeld's Leviathan series - better ...more
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It is a common and universally accepted rule that you do NOT go out with your best friend's ex. Sure, David liked her back, but she should've respected Shay's feelings and known in her gut that what she was doing was wrong. She demoralized herself by going out with David.

I think that David came onto her just as much as she did.

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