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message 1: by karl (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:19AM) (new)

karl This is an older book, about 1995 written. But, my having read about 8 of Grisham's books, it is 2nd to The Firm, and bit ahead of the one about "glory days" football high school and the coach. PJA gave me his copy. It is 600 pages. I read it to/from Europe in June 2007, and I loved it. Is a fast read, bit fake about the law, but a 5 on my scale!

Jeremy Haha. The two legal fictions that bothered me the most:

(1) The whole part about Judge Kipler denying the defendant's "motion to remove" drove me a little crazy. But I guess he had to do that or else introduce a few new characters and waste precious plot time bringing it back to Judge Kipler.

(2) All the ex parte communications between Judge Kipler and Rudy. He'd get totally disbarred for that in real life.

But somebody once said scientists hate science fiction because they let minor scientific mistakes get in the way of a good story. I guess we lawyers (and lawyers-to-be) should take heed and let the story work.

message 3: by Jay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jay Schutt I too agree with Jeremy's second comment, but the book was good entertainment. One of my favorites.

Alexandra Alexyna I liket the ideea that after finishing law school is very hard to be someone in the domain

Carla I read this book quite awhile ago and really enjoyed it. I worked for an insurance company at the time and
the main plot seemed frighteningly believable. One of my favorite Grisham novels.

Sangho I read this book some 4 years back and is one of my most favorites. I really feel Grisham should write a sequel to this novel where The Rainmaker make a comeback.

Michelle Dorn I just read this book and it was a good read. I agree that the judge would get sanctioned for all the exparte communications these days. I would also like to have the Rainmaker come back. I felt that the book is accurate as to how much of a struggle it is for new lawyers to make a start. And the plot was believable, now it would be an email or telemarketing scam though.

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