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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED: Read in 1990s - Book Title known: Need Author - A young man and his dog are involved in a drug/diamond trafficking ring. thriller/crime/mystery/young adult(?) [s]

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Slumbering Rose (SlumberingRose) | 33 comments The name of the book is Hero, no more, no less. Simply Hero. Obviously, with a title like that, it is very hard to find! So I need the author. I don't remember a whole lot about it, but I can picture the cover. I read it in the late 90s. It was possibly bought at a school fair, so it may or may not be a young adult novel/novella.


-- A young man works searching boats/ships for illegal substances/smuggled goods and such. He may be a Coastguard or simply a patrol of some sort. His first name is short, if I remember correctly, 4-6 letters. Perhaps Andy(Andrew?) or Cole? He is rather poor, I think, struggling to make payments on his rent. I believe he lives in an apartment duplex by some form of water, a lake perhaps. He is very lonely.

-- He has a dog, which I believe is a German Shepherd, judging by the cover. The dog goes with him to work, sniffing out the packages and whatnot; he is a very well trained dog. "Andy" lives alone or with his dog; I don't remember. The dog might not be allowed at his apartment. I know the dog has to go to a kennel for some time, two weeks or so. I don't recall why. Possibly something to do with "Andy's" job. The dog really liked pie, though I don't remember what kind.

-- I remember a scene where "Andy" is debating whether or not to take some white-powdered drug (cocaine?) he found on his job, I believe, but he ends up flushing it down the toilet/sink. I think he found it wrapped in brown packaging.

-- Another time he finds a diamond on the deck of a ship. After finding this diamond, two(?) bad guys are after "Andy" and his dog. The bad guys try to run him over once, but they fail. I believe they also follow him and try to run him off the road/into a barn(?) when "Andy" was going to see a friend(?). There was a gun fight once, I think, in the scene where "Andy" is by the barn.

-- The bad guys try to kill the dog by leaving poisoned food in a bowl/plate, but the dog has been trained to only accept food from "Andy," so he doesn't eat it. "Andy" fed the food to the two ducks that lived in the lake/water by his home, and that is how he finds out the food was poisoned.

-- There was a scene on a ship where "Andy" and his dog were running from the bad guys. Pie was involved in the escape. The ship had several floors; I think the pie was on the third.

-- At the end of the book, "Andy" is in a shop owned by a friend of his or some man he knows and finds out the owner of the shop was in on the smuggling. The diamonds were hidden in tomato soup/sauce cans. "Andy" almost gets killed, but the police come in time.

-- I think the dog saves "Andy" one or two times, but I don't remember when or how. The dog might die before the end. If he does, I'm pretty sure he was shot trying to save "Andy."


-- On the cover is a picture of "Andy" and his black-brown German Shepherd in a meadow, possibly with trees in the background; the grass is brownish, straw-colored; the sky is blue. "Andy" is wearing jeans and a dark blue/green jacket, I think. The title of the book is in yellow-lettering, if I remember correctly. I think it also had an award medal on the cover, possibly silver, possibly not. The back of the book was blue, with white or yellow lettering (could also be black lettering).

I believe the book was by a male author, if that helps. The book didn't have that many pages, under 200 or so. It may have been named after the dog or because the dog was a hero.

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Emily (emmy1066) | 49 comments Hi. This should be it.

by Walt Morey

Chris, a former Coast Guard patrolman, and his drug-sniffing dog get a whiff of danger when they discover a packet of heroin in the post office where Chris works. Ages 8-12.

Slumbering Rose (SlumberingRose) | 33 comments Wow. You are awesome! That's it exactly. :) No one ever seemed to know the book when I mentioned it. Bleh. Of course, I was wrong (completely wrong) about a few things, but *ahem* thanks so much!

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