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Ruby I loved this book. It was so sad though! Anyways I was wondering if anyone had read Impulse, and withought ruining the whole the story, could answer my question;
do things get better for Pattyn?
I would love an answer but if not, I'd just like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this book.

Amanda I thought this book was amazing!!! One of my favorites :)

Colby Impulse isn't a sequel to Burned, although the main poster may have figured that out by now, since it's almost been three years.

Ruth This is actually my favorite Hopkins book and I've read most of them. It is fiction, not non-fiction, so folks who get upset about the depiction of a Mormon family should keep in mind that there are many, many books about Mormons that have a different viewpoint. The focus is an older teen questioning her religion (not just a Mormon issue) and her own sexuality. An abusive fathers come from all walks of life.

Chisom ohh i just loved this book i was just so mad that it ended that way especially when it was just getting good 2... very sad though broke my heart like almost all of hopkins books

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MLC Oh this was such a wonderful story with a horrible trgady i couldnt believe it the way... oh i she lost... oh what a story.... and Impluse well there is a tragity but two happy endings together

Ruth Colby - thanks for the reminder to look at the dates of the posts! :-)
Ruby - I am an optimist so I believe that things to get better for Pattyn as she now knows what real love is like, not the kind she saw in her dysfunctional family while growing up.

Mikayla I can't wait for "Smoked" (the next one)

Renee Leask I love Crank, I think that it is so not 'real' but it kinda is. I'm so sad for the family's of people who are addicted:(

Kirby the addicts themselves, too...kristina was a good person before her addiction...

Renee Leask yes, she was agreed:) sometimes people just hit the wrong road it is really to bad. I felt as though I knew the Kristen...

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MLC And not only did it mess up Kristen but all the children she has in future books, their lives will be brought down by something that was never their fault

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