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Morgan Morgan (last edited Nov 29, 2011 06:41AM ) Nov 17, 2011 06:53AM
1. By look at the cover of the book before you read it, what does it look like it would be about?
I think it would sort of look like the little girl on the cover probably was sold for something.

2. In what times do you think this took place in?
I think it could actually be in either past times or even in present times because stuff like this is happening this day.

3. Where do you think this book took place?
I think this took place in some sort of dry desert area because of the lack of rain that they're experiencing.

The girl is from Nepal.

I'm only answering numbers two and three.

This is supposed to take place in the current time (current for when the novel was written) and the author makes it clear that the story is about a girl from Pakistan who is sold into the sex trade in India.

Did you actually read the book? Because your first question makes it seem like you haven't and you are just interested in finding out what happens without having to read it.

Eryn Wooten haha good point
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Faye Huh? The girl is from Nepal
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1. The cover art is good, I like that her face is obscured by the picture, which implies that she wants to communicate but is prevented in someway. When I was given this book by a colleague at our school (I'm a teacher) I could tell right away this was an upsetting read about child sexual slavery.

2. I'm not trying to be glib but I feel as though this was a contemporary story. I teach a class called contemporary issues through literature and child slavery is one of the global problems we talk about.

3. This is not a discussion question.

Does anyone think the book's language is brilliant? I loved how the author subverted traditional prose narrative for something more poetic. Absolutely lovely, and there were parts that I honestly cried. The section where she remembered her goat snuffling her hand still makes me tear up a little.

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