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Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1)
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Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 76 comments Mod
Just starting or trying to decide if you're game to still jump in on this month's group read? Use this thread to ask questions.

If it helps, check out my spoiler-free review of Red-Headed Stepchild here:

Elise (redentrapy) Already started about 7 chapters in and loving it. Good choice.

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Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 76 comments Mod
Giguhl makes me laugh out loud... repeatedly.

Elise (redentrapy) Me too. OMG!! I feel bad for her credit though.

Missie (theunreadreader) I totally plan to start this soon. Had to get a few review books out of the way first. We have until the end of the month, right?

message 6: by Chelsea (new) - added it

Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 76 comments Mod
Yes, Missie. We'll plan a big chat at the end of the month.

You still have another 16 days! :)

Missie (theunreadreader) Eep! Where the heck is the month going? But in other news, almost time for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn!!! Who's bringing the popcorn?


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Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 76 comments Mod
Haha. I'll be at one of those showings, too. Great minds...

Elise (redentrapy) I'm seeing it Friday night with my mom.

Michele Driscoll (Myshelld) | 1 comments I'm loving this book! But I'm only 6 chapters in. Giguhl is too funny :) Its nice he's worried about her fiber intake. Lol.

Elise (redentrapy) He only gets funnier as the book goes.

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