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Invitation to the Game
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Early 90s YA scifi, group of teens are selected to be sent to a better world [s]

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Kbp | 2 comments I can't remember whether the world was destroyed or polluted or corrupt or what in this book, but for some reason everyone wanted to be one of the lucky few chosen (by the government?) every now and then to be sent to colonize a new planet.
What I most remember about this book is the twist. They are not sent anywhere at all but are actually hooked up to some kind of machine and dreaming the entire time. But the group of young people are still all together on the new planet in their dreams and they can still be injured, die, get pregnant, explore the new world, etc. they're just not actually "there".

message 2: by Sue (new)

Sue Elleker | 769 comments 'Invitation To the Game' by Monica Hughes? They think it's an illusion, but find out eventually that they've actually been sent to another world.
'"It is the year 2154 and all jobs are done by robots. Lizzie and her friends are unemployed when they graduate and are assigned to an unemployed neighborhood. They form a life for themselves there, doing art and other jobs to get extra money. Then an invitation to a game in another part of the city shows up and, following it, they find a virtual reality world which they explore. Every time they play the game seems more and more realistic, until they find themselves actually on the planet in the game, having to hunt, live through sicknesses, and build their own society.'

Flannery (flannabanana) | 51 comments Yes, I second Invitation to the Game. They rereleased it last year as The Game.

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Kbp | 2 comments Thank you so so much! That's it!

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