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Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* I haven't yet finished the book, I'm only on Miles perspective,but I wanted to know what is up with Philip? Does it ever say what he scribbles in his notebook?

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I'm definitely not giving anything away to you. It's one of my favorite books, and I did NOT want it spoiled for myself. It's a good book and you should just READ IT TO FIND OUT!

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* Coooooommmmme oooooon! Can't you just tell me whats wrong with him????

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NOPE. Not one thing. I will tell you that Daisy's is awesome. Go. READ IT NOW.

Fran Love daisy... Anyone who's read the mysterious benedict society? She reminds me of Kate

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I really want to. I bought it then ky friend borrowed it from me and she hasn't given itnback yet so I have yet to get it back and read it.

Atlantic Gem DAISY ROCKS!!! Yes, yes you do eventually find out the deal w/ Philip, and I think it's safe to say it's a mind blower. I'm not giving away any more details, go read the book.

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Amel I love this book

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Same here! I absolutely ♥ Wendy Mass! It's such a fun and great book!

Atlantic Gem So are all her other books. I just read her new book, 13 Gifts, and this one did not fail to dissapoint. I can't wait for the next book set in Willow falls.

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I'm about to start 13 gifts. I just finished finally. Of her books I've read Every Soul A Star, A Mango Shaped Space, The Candymakers, and Finally.

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* Finally on daisy's point of view! i was soooooo not expecting it!

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IKR??!! It's awesome and crazy!!!

Atlantic Gem See. Mind blowing.

Hannah Yeah, it's a really great book! One of my favorites.<3

♥ Caitlin One of mine, too! I wanted to write a review for it, but I just can't put my feelings for it into words.

Loved it to the very end. And chocolate has now taken on more meaning. :)

Hannah Haha exactly.(: My favorite part had to be about Daisy though. She was a total surprise.

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* I finally finished it! turned out philip is one of my favorite characters- who new? I first I thought he would be a total jerk but suddenly i totally loved his p.o.v!

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Me too! So, aren't you glad we didn't spoil it for you?!

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* yes!!!!! thank you sooooo much!!!!!! if you would of spoiled it there would have been no time to read it! and now im reading the devil's arthimetic for the second time, you guys should check it out, its kinda sad...

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Hm... I'll look at it.

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* coolio! its a historical fiction though- so if your not into those i dont suggest it. although i dont like them but i like this book :)

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I kinda like HF. I'm into most books except like science fiction and mysteries. I like light mystery, but not like really deep stuff.

Opossum goes RAWR *RAWRRR* awesome sauce- in that case i think you'll like the devil's arithmetic!

Randomness Frances wrote: "Love daisy... Anyone who's read the mysterious benedict society? She reminds me of Kate"

She does but they definately have very different ways to spying!

Jessica I loved the Candymakers, and i LOVED Daisy!!!! For that reason i hate my sister since she think s daisy is shallow, but i still love her.... sadly! but I also really liked philip and was really surprised about what he wrote in his notebook! BUt I also loved how you knew nothing about Logan's injury until they mentioned it in other points of view and each point of view explained more about what happened to Logan. In other words, i loved the book very much!

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Abby Daisy is my favotite character .I think Phillip is a little odd.

Monique Philips odd because he didn't have any kids around his age to be around while growing. He's been around adults for so long, it was awkward for him to talk to people his age.

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Abby Monique wrote: "Philips odd because he didn't have any kids around his age to be around while growing. He's been around adults for so long, it was awkward for him to talk to people his age."

Yeah. I guess I didn't think about it that way.

Maari AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!! Oh and Philip is just misunderstood and doesn't see the whole picture sometimes. Plus his mom died when he was like...3... and his dad is a jerk sooooo yeah.

Maitreyi M Great book....

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Philip is just a victim...
He's actually really nice, if u look it from his POV...
I felt sorry for him, in a way.

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Angel I felt that Philip was quite misunderstood, many thought he was an insensitive dick head, but that was just his dad-and even he turns out okay! I felt that Logan was quite kind to give his award to Philip, even though giving it to Philip helped him in some way. I also loved that they all became friends, that scene at the end of the book is quite sweet, all their lives being tied together was a nice twist too.

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