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Do you think that Eragon and Arya will be together???

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Clara i think that Arya will keep turning Eragon down so he will find someone else!! though i still hope that they will be together.

Michael At the moment, I'm thinking that Eragon is going to end up alone (but, he'll still have Saphira, naturally).

Clara maybe but i still have hope!

Michael I really noticed that Arya was not as "present" in Brisingr as in the first two books, but I agree with you that it would be nice for Eragon and Arya to be together. Whatever happens, I'm guessing Eragon will end up happy with someone, accepting that he'll be forever alone, or there will be a hint of some possibility of a future with someone (perhaps even another future Rider? I don't know). Hopefully, he will not end up saaad. Nobody wants an angsty hero.

Whitney I think they should end up together. Arya is kind of broken inside when you think about it. Her love, Faolin was killed by the shade Durza in the prologue of Eragon when they were transporting Saphiras egg. Arya was really upset about this and refused to say much about it to Eragon. It's been so long since she was happy. Maybe she feels like Faolins death was her fault so now she feels like she doesn't deserve happiness. I think that Eragon and Saphira could help her move on. And I bet Saphira knows things about Arya that she hasn't shared yet.

Ricco We will all find out in 3 days!!!

Clara 5 days.

Ricco Its about to turn Midnight which will make it Nov. 5th and the release date for the book is Nov. 8th. 8-5=3! So, its 3 days not 5.

Ashlie I hope not. That would definitely be creepy if you consider the enormous age difference lol

Clara Ricco wrote: "Its about to turn Midnight which will make it Nov. 5th and the release date for the book is Nov. 8th. 8-5=3! So, its 3 days not 5."

whoops!! its the weekend... my brain is off!!!!

Clara and its not almost midnight... where i am at least its 10:00

Ricco At the time of the post where I'm at it was like 10:44pm, and to me a 1hr.16mins to 12 is almost 12.

Clara theres 2 hours where I'm at and to me thats nit almost 12


Cristy I hope so!!!!!! I think they would be cute together and I agree with Whitney, that they will help her move on and Saphira knows things about her.

Clara i hadn't thought about that...

Stephanie Arya is an elf so her age is different from a human and if I'm not mistaken Eragon was transformed somewhat to a elf during that ceremony. Been awhile since I've read the books.

message 18: by Clara (last edited Nov 05, 2011 04:44PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Clara you are correct... Eragon no longer "sleeps", he has pointed ears, is stronger, among other things

Stephanie I'm kinda rusty on the series I need to reread them.

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Marx Leo I can only hope they will be together.. But there is no mistaking the age difference.. but FOR REAL? No one can deny that they have a thing for each other.. do not deny the truth.

Michael Both of them are a bit tragic to me. Eragon's longing is borderline desperation, and Arya comes across as being quite cold towards him until the end of Brisingr. It's makes me a little bit sad.

message 22: by Clara (last edited Nov 05, 2011 09:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Clara i know at some parts if Arya was real i would slap her for being such a butt to Eragon. sorry i'm a very violent child...

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Age difference physically = no big deal. Age difference in terms of maturity etc. = HUUUGE barrier. At least Arya is forced to acknowledge that Eragon's more than an ignorant kid in Brisingr, but she seems really cold and patronizing to him in a lot of other ways. Whereas he, even after he's transformed, still pursues her with that lost-puppy, first-love desperation.

I wouldn't mind seeing them together ... after another decade or so. They're immortals, after all. They've got forever to figure out their angst. Paolini could point towards them being together by the end of the series and let our imaginations take care of the rest, for instance.

Ricco Laura wrote: "Age difference physically = no big deal. Age difference in terms of maturity etc. = HUUUGE barrier. At least Arya is forced to acknowledge that Eragon's more than an ignorant kid in Brisingr, but ..."

I hope Paolini makes it clear, cut, and dry if they get together or not; I find it maddening when authors leave things to the imagination.

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K.S. I have always wanted Arya and Eragon to be together... she's so stubborn! I have to get the last book from my friend and she's taking FOREVER to read it!

Clara I already know the answer to my own question... Already read the book 5 times.

Clara But I'm not telling!

Ziyue I wish that Eragon and Arya would b together because they r both immortal if they don't catch a sickness or get killed. I feel bad 4 Eragon because Arya keeps on turning him down! Aargh so frustrating. :(

Clara Such is life...

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Tina I have read half of the book and I have a good feeling that Eragon and Arya will be together in the end, just because how they behave towards one another.

Clara just keep reading.

message 32: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina I just read the final book and I cried like a baby (the one how also read it probably knows why).
To all who would read it - it's worth of your time.

Clara totally!! i, too, sobbed my heart out at the end.

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Kyrah It may seem that Arya doesn't feel for Eragon as he does for her, but deep down I feel Arya is developing feelings for Eragon.

Clara just keep reading just keep reading *singing like Dorie from Finding Nemo*

Taylor I really hope that Eragon and Arya end up together. It is very obvious that Eragon likes her a lot and that he really wants to be with Arya but I still believe she is not ready to move past the fact of her dead lover. She still loves Faolin and she believes that Eragon is to young for her. hopefully, she will look past that and they will endup together.

Clara shhhhhh... some people might still be reading the book!!!!

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Tina Kyrah wrote: "It may seem that Arya doesn't feel for eragon as he does for her, but deep down I feel Arya is developing feelings for Eragon."

I agree but just keep reading

Michael (view spoiler)

Clara agreed Michael.

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali No. I do not think they should be together. Not only that, but I think he needs to lay off of her.

On another note, I started reading Brsingr about two days after it was released. I stopped. I couldn't keep going. I got so tired of reading prolonged passages about Eragon gazing at Arya, or some other goody goody two shoes thing he was up to that I wanted to ERK!

I want to hear more about Murtagh, who I really like as a deep character and also, who, by the way, I think should end up with Nasuada.

Clara did you read Inheritance?????????

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali yeah. I read em all. What about it?

Natalia Ornelas How is Inheritance???!!!!

message 45: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina great!!!!!! read it. ;)

Natalia Ornelas Thanks :D

Explode someone please tell me how the punk, billion-year-old king died, did they steal the dragon heart of hearts?

Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali I started reading this last book and got stuck about 1/8 of the way in. This is the most boring book of them all. I am sick to death of hearing about Eragon. I want to know more about Murtagh. And Nasuada. And the bad bad guy, Galbatorix. To me, the bad or tortured or troubled characters are usually the ones with themost depth. Eragon is love sick over Aria (give it a rest) and is a goody goody two shoes. Sick of him.

Daniel Whittaker dont ruin inheritance for me :p

Natalia Ornelas agreee :D

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